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the stationary bikes that have desks built in, like they have in that room in the wellness center. there should be some of those in the library too. or the wellness center should be free to students. or both. updated computers, or an area with some apple computers. free printing for students.

Wish #2 granted!  Two new 21.5” iMac computers have been ordered and are now located in the First Floor Information Commons.

First Wish Second Wish Third Wish Library Comments
Access to more journals. We can get most of the articles available on pubmed but what about Sage or other journal searching services. And if it isn't available through those sources why can't the library purchase it? It seems like there is quite a bit of funding moving in to not provide this service. The staff I've talked to about getting articles etc don't seem very knowledgeable. Are they being trained to ensure that they're up to a certain standard? Are there continuing education opportunities or something to keep them up to date? Make the Inter Library Loan enrollment more automatic. When I become a student there's no reason this isn't apart of the packet.
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