New color scheme patterned after CU Anschutz website

Feedback - Aug 2013: I like that it isn't as cluttered, but I miss the old color scheme. This one looks like an Easter egg hunt. The old color scheme was more gender neutral and professional.


Feedback - Aug 2013: I miss the old website.  The colors made me think I was in a version of the website that is not fully functioning.  The white space is hard on the eyes and makes me want to leave the webpage as fast as possible. Sorry, the aesthetics of a page are important to me and since I use this site all of the time, I am wanted to share my immediate reaction.

Response: Being part of the Anschutz Medical Campus, our website’s new look is patterned after the new CU Anschutz website. The white background and bright accent colors were selected by University Web Services (please see screenshot below of the Style & Usage Guidelines). Because we've only received two comments in favor of the old colors since we launched the new site on August 12th, we don't anticipate changing back to the old colors. However, we are planning on changing the layout of the homepage, which we expect will decrease the white space that like you said, can be hard on the eyes. We look forward to your participation in the usability testing so that we can improve your user experience. 

AMC site colors

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