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Calculators for student checkout     Thu, 2017-02-02

It would be nice if there were loaner calculators for use. Thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for the suggestion. No problem.

We actually ordered a calculator recently to have for checkout from our service desk and it is being processed into our system now. We will order two more calculators to be sure we have enough for students. We have seen more requests for them so it is great to hear from you. We want your feedback and need to know your needs.

The service desk will be seeking to add additional gadgets for checkout to our desk services. For example, we will be getting Chromebooks soon and are looking at portable external monitors for students to extend their laptop screens and use in the library.

If you and other students have similar needs and wishes, please keep the tell-us comments coming and speak to staff on desk and let us know.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services
303-724-2139 |

New edition of book please     Sat, 2017-01-28

The 10th edition of DiPiro Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiological Approach is
now available and is being assigned in the NTPD program in the Pharmacy
School.  Could you please update to the 10th Edition? Thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for contacting us about the 10th edition of DiPiro’s Pharmacotherapy.  We do have access to the new edition via Access Pharmacy, and the link on our e-books page has been updated to go to the 10th edition.  You can also get to the book by searching in SearchHSL, our new discovery platform:

Thanks for alerting us about the new edition!  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yumin Jiang​
Head, Collection Management

Wifi Signal in Library     Tue, 2017-01-17

I noticed that the wifi signal is not as strong/fast in the northern end of the library. The internet speed is slower on the end. I am sitting in the southern half of the the library building and I am getting a wifi connection speed of 400Mbps. When I do sit at the northern end, I get around 52Mbps. Not the biggest deal, but I do notice some issues and slower loading time when using web-based study/testing tools.

Library Response

Thanks for your feedback. We are going to work with the campus network team to do a WiFi assessment.

I would like to follow up with you to share the results.If you want to do that please send your contact information to


Mike Campbell
Health Sciences Library
Systems Administrator

Carpet Cleaning     Fri, 2016-12-16

Wonderful news that you are cleaning the carpets next week!! It makes for such a better study environment. While the library is already closed, would you consider cleaning the WALLS of the second floor study rooms.

Thank you!

Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We notice some of the walls in some of our group study rooms too. We will work with Facilities and custodians to get all rooms checked and have walls wiped and cleaned as needed. Perhaps some can be done next week and on Dec 22, and more can be cleaned in January. Thank you very much.

Douglas Stehle,
Head of Access Services, Bldg. Administrator

Study Rooms Taken by Non-CU Folks     Sun, 2016-12-11

This library has too many patrons that seem to not go to this campus who take all the study rooms so there is nowhere for me to study.

Library Response

Study rooms taken by non-CU AMC folks

Thanks for asking about unaffiliated users in library study rooms.  If you need a study room and cannot locate one, please come to the desk and library staff will offer assistance in locating a room.  CU Anschutz folks with their ID badges have priority usage of study rooms.  As a CU Anschutz person, you can ask unaffiliated users to vacate rooms or you can come to the desk and ask for assistance.  If you believe unaffiliated people are in the building during non-public hours, please contact University Police ASAP at (303) 724-4444.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Douglas Stehle (douglas.stehle@ucdenver) or Melissa De Santis (

Laptop Borrowing     Wed, 2016-11-02

So i just wanted to say I love the checkout a laptop program you have at the library. My tablet is great to take notes on but working of one of the laptops has helped me finish stuff on campus. I did just want to request that there be more PC laptops to check out, I am horrible with Macs and it seems like there are a lot more of them available. Since the start of online tests I've started using the private study rooms and a checkout laptop to take them, and i think having more would make it easier to take them on campus.

Thank you for reading,

p.s the library staff are all great

Library Response

Thank you for the comment about the laptops. It is also great to hear you have had good experience with our library staff. We think our staff are great also and they work hard to deliver excellent services. Our little laptop program continues to grow and attract student attention and use. We are glad you are benefiting from the circulating laptop collection. We review every year the need, usage and our costs on provisioning laptops and sometimes add more units. We will certainly take your PC windows comment to heart. We have leaned towards MAC a bit as many students love Apple. And we did increase the size of the laptop collection over this last summer by adding several new Windows laptops (Lenovo and HP) and can certainly look for funding and hopes for adding more PC laptops in the future.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services.

Ed/Ref Class     Wed, 2016-10-19


First I just wanted to thank John for a great "EndNote pt1" class, it was really helpful in speeding up some of my research/writing! My second point is a suggestion, in trying to find full text articles I get a lot of links that lead to EuropePMC, which I get a message that we do not have access to. I was wondering if you could all look into getting access to this database.


Library Response

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your kind words about John's teaching and the Endnote Part 1 class.  We think he's a great teacher, too, but it's always wonderful to hear it directly from someone who's taken the class.  I have passed on your compliments to him.


Lisa Traditi
Head of Education & Reference


As for EuropePMC, it is a full-text literature database for the life sciences funded by European institutions.  It pulls abstracts and full text from PubMed and PubMed Central, and other sources such as Agricola.  I believe it's a freely accessible database for people to search.  The ability to get to any full text would depend on the type/source of that content and also whether you or your institution has a subscription to the journal/reports.  They don't seem to offer any subscription options.   

If you find that you frequently need full text from a particular source, e.g., a particular journal, we would be happy to look into subscription options for that source.

Hope this helps!

Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management


APA Style     Mon, 2016-09-12

APA style central feedback-  looks like they are making a good attempt at trying to match other web-based services for paper writing.  I like that you can choose templated papers.  However, the building references section isn't what I hoped it would be.  The only database it will search for references is PsychInfo, whereas other services available online will search multiple databases, find the reference, and then create it in the format of your choosing.

One feature that I want in a web based service would be switching formats from APA to AMA, for example.  The more tedious work in manuscript submission is the various formats between journals.

All that being said, this would meet some basic needs for paper writing and formatting when sophisticated features aren't needed.


Library Response

Thank you for your feedback on APA Style Central!  I will share the issues you brought up with APA.  Please feel free to send me any other comments regarding the product during the trial period.  We truly appreciate all the feedback on trial databases from our user community.

Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management

Jean Bolognia's Dermatology     Mon, 2016-08-29

Hi, I use the library site to read Jean Bolognia's Dermatology text book. Last week sometime, the format of your main page changed. I can no longer search from the main page for the text book I want to read online. When I try to search for it under the "find it" tab - it shows as "no results." I'm not sure what happened, but would love for you to switch back to the original site version. Thanks

Library Response

Thank you for providing us this feedback.

When I now search the FindIt tab on our library’s home page for the terms Bolognia Dermatology the textbook is coming up in the first page of search results. However, last week we were informed that Proquest, a vendor who provides our FindIt service had about a 2 hour outage related to a failed software upgrade that prevented linking to full text (like that of the Bolognia Dermatology textbook).

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue – otherwise I think we might assume it was related to the temporary vendor issue of last week.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT

Shorter Library Hours, closing at 7 p.m.     Sun, 2016-06-05

To Whom It May Concern:

I just learned from one of your librarians that you are planning to shorten the hours further, starting on June 12, 2016, Sun: 9:00AM-7:00PM, and

Mon-Thurs: 7:00AM-7:00PM, and the same hours you've had for Friday and Saturday.

I'm a regular public patron and I truly don't agree that the library should have shorter hours for public patrons. If this is in relation to some of the public people that have come into the library that may be homeless, or mentally unstable, etc., than there is a way to deal with that on a case by case basis with each individual, but to punish other public patrons, who use the library for research purposes, etc., is wrong. Our tax dollars do go towards this library and all State Schools, and we should be respected.

Your librarian didn't understand that many people's tax dollars, went into the formation of such a good library, and it's a great place to research and study important situations, etc. I've used this library for many years to help diagnose and provide second opinions to my elderly parents, who are very far away, and it's been very helpful. To have the hours shorten is wrong. The way you had it, was just fine, and I'd hope you consider that for the next season of 2016-2017.

If you have problems with some public people, then you do have the Campus Police to assist you. But NOT ALL public patrons are problematic. To jeopardize the appreciative enjoyment of your library for a  few who don't, is not fair and disrespectful to decent tax paying citizens that use libraries.

I would be very interested in hearing from you on this as this is very upsetting.

Thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for the comment.

The Health Sciences Library is an academic library whose primary users are the faculty, staff, students, researchers and clinicians of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus.  The Health Sciences Library receives a portion of its budget from the State of Colorado, and for that reason there are certain hours of the day that the library is open to the public.  Starting on June 12, 2016 the number of publicly accessible hours will be 76 hours per week, which is a fairly good amount of hours accessible to the general public.

Our library is experiencing less service requests in the evenings. Staffing arrangements have been slightly reduced and we need to focus staff during peak hours. The change to hours was driven by staffing and need considerations such as these and is not about problems posed by any user or group. No matter what hours the library is open our conduct policy always applies to all users and our decision to reduce hours was not motivated by the concerns you mention.

I am sorry you find this disrespectful and that was not our intent. I hope you can make use of the public hours we are providing.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services, Health Sciences Library.


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