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Thank you for the feedback!

Jeff Kuntzman
Head Library, IT



Hi just fyi: I spotted (then killed) a nymph German cockroach in one of the study room walls on the third floor.  The room is clean and the garbage can has only small shreds of paper.  I am not sure what attracted it.  I had no food with me.  Hopefully it is a one-time occurrence.

Happy New Year.

Library Response

Thank you for your comment.  We hate to hear about bug and cockroaches in our library.  We will note this and be on the lookout for similar reports.  It is most helpful for us to know the room number people are using when there is a concern.  When reporting concerns with study rooms, please let us know what room number specifically so we can address that specific room.  So far in the history of our library here at CU Anschutz, we rarely see or get reports of cockroaches, but do like to know when they are seen.  We would rather stamp them out sooner rather than later.
Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head, Access Services

Slow PCs, Word "freezing"    

The computers on the first floor are garbage.  I have had to restart computer number P4S three times already today.  The computers are extremely slow and freeze during the simplest tasks such as opening and closing word documents.  In order to close and re-open word I must log off the VMWare client each time.  I cannot get my work done in a timely manner and the amount of aggravation this causes is great.  IT staff at the library seem to think that slow computers running a large number of support programs can meet student needs.  They cannot.  Please exercise common sense and reduce the number of background programs so the computers can run reliably.


Library Response

Thank you for this feedback, and we regret the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. We would like to work with you directly to assist with these issues. Please contact either myself   ( or our System Administrator, Michael Campbell ( ) to schedule time to look at what may be going on.

If you encounter computer problems in the library, the first step should be to contact the Service Desk. The desk will contact Library IT. From Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm someone from IT should be available to come and help or at least begin troubleshooting.  We strive to resolve any computer problems that our users inform us about, and we frequently ask our computer users directly how things are going. In general we have been getting very positive feedback.

With regard to the computers being slow, what we have noticed is that after the computer boots up, it takes a few seconds before it is really ready. This is typical of all PCs. Once you have a Start menu, hover your mouse right over the “Start” Windows icon at the bottom left. Your mouse will turn into a rotating circle indicating the computer is not ready. Continue to hover your mouse over the Start icon for 10-20 seconds. When the PC is ready, your mouse will turn back into a mouse pointer. Start Word or a Web browser at this point, and performance should be good and remain so until you are ready to log off.

With regard to “freezing” in the Word application, we have tested on the workstations and have not been able to reproduce any problem. Large Word files can pose a problem on any PC. Also, when working with a USB drive, the process of opening and saving documents can take extra time especially with large files.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head Library, IT


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