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Study Zone tables     Wed, 2017-10-11

The new second floor study is great but one thing that stands out to me are the rooms with two chairs. The table that is in the room is a third cut round table that takes up most of the room and doesn't allow us to sit behind the sides. I believe the rooms should have a squared table or rectangular table.


Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We will take this into account in our vision with campus planners and architects in regards to future renovations. Unfortunately at this stage of the process with the new Study Zone on the north end of second floor, the library does not have the funds to replace and change the tables at this time. I apologize they are not to your liking, can see your point, and hope for other student needs and styles that some users will find the room and tables more adequate and suiting their needs. Expectations around study space design are diverse.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services. | 303-724-2139


Article Access     Fri, 2017-10-06

Hello there,
I get so frustrated when this happens:) Can you please shed some light on this?
Thank you!

I go to get this full article and it says that it is available through HSL Then I get the response that it isn't (argh!) Read further please below the URL

The other place I can look for the full article says that I have to pay for it!

Any advice? Thank you!


Library Response

Hello and thank you for the comment.

Thanks for reporting the problem with the journal Expert Review Clinical Pharmacology.  We actually don’t have a subscription for this journal.  The link resolver button in PubMed really should haven’t said “View full text.” 

You might want to use our excellent interlibrary loan service to get this article.  The service is free for Anschutz students, faculty and staff.  You can find more information at:

Hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you.
Yumin Jiang

HSL lounge tap water     Tue, 2017-09-19


Last night (Mon 9/18) I drank the tap water in the new Lounge, and I noticed that it had a strong sulfur (rotten egg) smell and an associated taste. Just wanted to let you know.

I really like the lounge otherwise! Thanks for building it for us.

Library Response

Thank you for the comment.

We will look into it immediately. We appreciate the input.  We have already reported to University Facilities to investigate and get resolved. Contact me anytime.


Douglas M. Stehle

Head of Access Services.


Study zone treadmill or bike     Tue, 2017-09-19

 Hello! I love the new lounge area. The only thing I feel could make it even better is to have a treadmill or small bike there. It has now become my favorite place to study. 

Library Response

Thank you for the comment. The library will park that idea and consider down the road. I’d like the new Lounge space to live out a period of ‘as is’ after its opening, i.e. get its feet wet for at least six months or so until we start making changes and adjusting the space—a wise principle usually with space management after renovation. I’m sure more student comments will come in and the Library would want to weigh and prioritize the competing ideas for changes/enhancements to any area. Finding the space for a walk station could be challenging – they take up a good amount of space, and are not inexpensive. The library sometimes pursues student funding for items like this. I don’t know if student fees and Senate could help support the costs of items like this but always an option, and the Library has worked with student government before on adding amenities to library spaces. A bike station might be more easily placed in the new Lounge given its lesser footprint and no electrical needed to pedal. A good idea and I will park it for later consideration.


Thanks so much for your feedback.

Douglas M. Stehle

Dept. Head, Access Services. MLIS.

Assistant Professor. Building Administrator V-23 Library.

Office phone: 303-724-2139

Search @ HSL (Primo)     Thu, 2017-08-17

Your new Search@HSL does not work. The previous one worked just fine. Please go back and restore to the previous one, which was ugly but worked well.

Library Response

Thank you for this feedback.

There’s no going back now to the old system!  While we appreciate your comments about that system, we had been on it for many years and it was at end of life from the vendor.

If you would like to send your specific concerns and questions to me, , I’d be happy to find out what is going wrong and work with you. 

self-serve kiosks for checkout after hours     Sat, 2017-08-05

Have you considered after-hours item checkout, similar to self-serve kiosks downtown? Thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for the question.

Yes indeed the library has considered this question various times going back to 2007 when we moved into the new building on Anschutz and more recently have reviewed it several times since 2014 when HSL began offering 24/7 after-hours badge access.

So far there has been little to none user demand for a self-check station which are common in most libraries today public and academic. In fact it is very likely that your question is the first of its kind from a customer. The library since 1999/2000 has gone very electronic in its holdings and collections. We purchase some, but relatively speaking, few hardcopy books or materials of any kind annually. Circulation rates while steady and flat for the past several years are actually low and the trend line over five or ten year mark shows large decrease in print ciruculation out of our library. This makes sense for many reasons in our century and age of digital information especially in teh ASTM field.  Ebooks are the trend, and the online journals and digital article in PDF format the huge favorite of users on this campus alongside clinical databases. Certainly there is some modest checkout of print books every day and weekly, but relative to various other Colorado academic libraries our circulation rates are modest and not growing. Add to this the expense of start-up and ongoing maintenance cost to have a self-check station work with our library system and the invest seems questionable. As mentioned the little to no demand from academic library users so far plus the cost leads us to conclude the return on invest is very low. There certainly is an argument to be made on the convenience scale and especially now that HSL offers 24/7 after-hours access to the library. We recently considered the question last fiscal year and again concluded the number of users impacted would be low and overall cost high. We feel we can invest our money into better options that serve more users in more effective and relevant ways.


Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services. 303.724.2139 | email:

finding full text from citation     Sun, 2017-07-16

Trying to get full article of this citation and when I enter I get a blank page at

citation: Ann Pharmacother. 1993 Jan;27(1):36-7.
Ceftriaxone-induced acute pancreatitis
Zimmermann AE1, Katona BG, Jodhka JS, Williams RB
Thank you!

Library Response

We only have online access to the Annals of pharmacotherapy from 1999 and on.  The article you were looking for is from 1993, which we only have in print.  You could either request an Interlibrary Loan for the article, or drop by the library to get the print volume.

Information about our interlibrary load service is at:  It’s free for AMC faculty and students.

Please let me know if you have more questions.  Thanks.

Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management

The second floor is supposed to be a quiet area     Thu, 2017-06-08

When renting out the conference rooms on the second floor to private organizations, please remind them to respect the noise level restrictions. The second floor is supposed to be a quiet area. I can study anywhere on campus. The quiet area on the second floor is unique. Please, please keep it that way!

Library Response

Follow-up Response 06/27/17

I have connected with the University group that was on the 2nd floor of the library June 7- 8.  They agreed that their group was too noisy.  They apologized and will work with the library in the future to keep the 2nd floor quiet.

Thank you,

Melissa De Santis


First Response: 06/08/17

We agree that the event held in the Inworks lab on June 7-8 was noisy and we apologize for the disturbance it caused. We are following up with the organizers and will post a follow up soon.


Lisa Traditi
Deputy Director
Health Sciences Library 

"wait list" reservation system for laptops?     Thu, 2017-04-13

Hi- I always have a hard time checking out laptops in the library, is it possible to develop a queuing system or waitlist for them that way I'm not checking back all day with no luck meanwhile others can just come in and take one just because their timing was right.

Library Response

Thank you for asking about our laptops! We are always trying to purchase more new laptops so we can have them available when needed. We will always consider changes in the future, but as it stands have determined that the first come, first serve system is the fairest arrangement possible.

We will always be happy to check on laptop availability for you if you would like to call the service desk at (303) 724-2152 before you make the trek here.

3rd Floor -- booth area disrespectful behaviors     Tue, 2017-03-28

People treat the third floor by the booths area as a group study area and being extremely disrespectful.

Library Response

Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear this and would like to know more. Sounds like some groups using the restaurant-style booths on the library's third floor are being noisy and loud, or disruptive in other ways? If the disruption is out of the norm and bothering your study and work, please report these situations as they occur to our first-floor service desk and we can try and speak to users being too noisy. There is a library conduct policy we can leverage, and overall we can all work together to set boundaries and appropriate tone for serious study in our library.

If you would like to voice specific concerns, please look me up and email me or call. I'd be glad to schedule a time and discuss your experiences. We strive to provide a library throughout that is conducive to academic study, and it sounds like the booth area for you is becoming too informal and leisurely with noise by groups--but I don't want to assume too much and would love to hear more directly from you.

You can certainly ask other library users to quiet down and if they react rudely without care, then please report the problem to our service desk and staff can try to help.


Douglas Stehle, Dept. Head, Access Services.
303-724-2139 | | office first floor, 1114--ask for me at the service desk if you wish to speak.


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