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Printing system     Wed, 2018-02-21


I come to this beautiful library mostly to take online courses. I find your printing system confusing and complex. Being a member of 3 different library districts where I print and make copies regularly I so much would like to see a simpler and more user friendly printing and copying system.

Library Response

Thank you for providing us this feedback.

When we implemented this system (EFI PrintMe) in 2016, we did so after receiving a lot of feedback over the years from Anschutz students using the library who wanted a “pay at the pump”, credit card enabled system that would also enable printing directly from users’ own laptop computers.  While we appreciate that the system can appear complex at first, it does offer multiple ways to print, including 1) printing from your own USB drive, 2) by uploading your documents securely to the cloud, or 3) by installing the print driver on your own device and then printing directly from your device. While we know there’s an initial learning curve, we do get good feedback and we know that many students do take advantage and appreciate the new “pay at the pump” along with the ability to print from your own laptop.




If you experience any problems with printing on the PrintMe system, we highly encourage patrons to first check in at the Library Service Desk, and for tougher problems please contact Library IT at 303-724-2167. If unable to meet with you right away, we will follow up with you as soon as we can.

Soon we hope to offer a large poster with simplified PrintMe instructions next to our 1st floor South printer in the near future. We also have a web page about our printing options . It’s a high priority for us to look at the web page and make it more user friendly in 2018.


Jeff Kuntzman / Head, Library IT


EndNote on library computers     Wed, 2018-01-31

Greetings! Thanks for collecting comments and suggestions. 1) Can computers in the library be equipped with EndNote?

Library Response

Thanks for this inquiry!

We have plans to get Endnote installed on all the computers in the library.  So far we have it installed on our Virtual Workstations as well as the laptops for student checkout. We have yet to install it on our Stats Workstations and the Macs, we will get to it as soon as we can.

Jeff Kuntzman / Head of Library IT


Roitt's Essential Immunology     Tue, 2018-01-16


Hi. I am not able to access the Roitt's essential immunology e-book. Will you be able to help?

Library Response

Thank you for contacting the library regarding the Roitt's Essential Immunology e-book.  This book is part of an e-book collection purchased by the entire CU system libraries.  Unfortunately there is a limit on how many users can open the book at the same time, and you probably saw a message saying that the book is being used.  You may want to come back some other time.  If you are seeing other kinds of error messages, please let us know and we will work with you to troubleshoot the problem.


Yumin Jiang

Head, Collection Management


New England Journal of Medicine     Wed, 2018-01-03

Comment/Suggestion: Multiple times I have needed to access a NEJM article older than 1990 but was unable to do so easily because the Health Sciences Library doesn't carry a subscription that includes older volumes. NEJM is a first-tier medical journal that often publishes landmark studies, and because of this, I think the library should pay for access to older volumes - ideally for whatever NEJM makes available online. Thank you.

Library Response


Thank you for contacting the Library about NEJM.  Our print holdings of the NEJM does go back to the beginning of the publication, but our online subscription coverage only goes back to 1990.  To access the earlier issues requires additional cost.  Since request for older issues haven’t come up in recent years, we feel that our limited budget is better spent on new journals or databases that people ask for.  For occasional search of the older articles, you might want to use our excellent document delivery services:

This service is free to CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Yumin Jiang

Head, Collection Management

Need more study rooms     Tue, 2017-12-12

Comment/Suggestion 1:

Need more study rooms and individual study spaces that can accommodate the volume of students who have to use proctorio services please. This finals week was terrible. No one wants to wake up at 6:00 AM just to hope to find a room. 

Comment/Suggestion 2: 12/20/17

I hope that we will have more individual study rooms soon since it’s a bit hard to find a study room during final week

Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We hope you did well on your tests. We truly appreciate the challenge of competing to find rooms to take tests in the library. Practically speaking the library cannot provide an individual space/room for every student whether for testing or general study and research—the student population far exceeds the space in the library. The library is one place students can try and take their exams. However, the library is not a testing facility per se. Students and other campus academics use the library for a diversity of purposes including testing. None of the Schools/College require their students to take online tests in the library, and to the best of our knowledge, each School/College makes various spaces available to students for test taking. The library will share this feedback with the Schools/Colleges that students are having difficulty finding locations to take online tests. We know it is a stressful time during exams and we apologize for any inconvenience you experienced.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Access Services Dept. Head and Library Leadership.


Study Zone     Tue, 2017-12-12


I appreciate the new Study Zone on the 2nd floor of campus! It's beautifully designed, has ample space for users and great natural lighting. One request would be for sanitary wipes to be available to wipe down the desks before/after use due to the high volume of people who use the desks and with flu season in swing.

Thank you again for the great new addition!

Library Response

Thank you for the suggestion. Great idea and something we overlooked. We will add one or two stations with wipes in the Zone similar to others we have around the library. Until we order the station and have them come in, we will put a few canisters of wipes in a couple spots around the study zone and hope students see them and leave them in open areas for sharing. We are glad to hear you like the Study Zone!

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services.

Clinical Key off site access     Mon, 2017-12-11

Despite logging in to the online access I am unable to access Clinical Key off site. Following the links gets me to a page to log into Clinical Key but I can't actually access the resource.

Library Response

Thank you for your comment, we have referred your question to our AskUs service. They will be contacting you shortly.

AskUs is the best platform for questions about using the databases and resources on our website

Douglas Stehle

Access Services Department

Electrical outlets in Special Collections room     Mon, 2017-12-04

Comment/Suggestion: The special collections room on the 3rd floor could use more electrical outlets located closer to the large study tables between the book shelves. 

Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We will see what can be done. In some cases there are simple cost effective solutions to provide electrical to certain spots. In other cases, it can become a real challenge in cost to provide an outlet to a specific area and there are real limits to installing floor-based outlets into the existing concrete floor. In other situations outlets on walls may exist but running a cord from the wall to certain areas can create tripping hazards with no good path for the cord. We will see if anything can be done in this area.

Thank you,

Douglas Stehle, Access Services Dept. Head, Librarian, Bldg. Administrator

Quiet in the Study Zone     Fri, 2017-10-13

Submitted on Friday, October 13, 2017 -
Comment/Suggestion1: The new Study Zone on the 2nd floor is great.. however, it is quite loud b/c people do not whisper, doors to study rooms are left open with people talking loudly inside, 3-4 people per study room talking, group conversations at the benches by the windows, etc. Worse at night than during the afternoon. Thanks!


Submitted on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 3:30pm
Comment/Suggestion2: I'm using the new study zone. It's beautiful and I'm enjoying having more small group and single study rooms, but I'm finding that it's not nearly as quiet as advertised. I'm in a study room and I can hear every word the people in the room next to me are saying. It seems the walls are too thin to block out normal levels of conversation and laughter. It seems all of the rooms should be single rooms if you really want the space to be quiet. Why would two people sit in a study room together and not speak? Or if you do want to provide spaces for people to study together and talk, then consider not calling the space a quiet zone. 

Library Response

Thank you for the comments.

Generally speaking the library feels an effective way for the nature of quiet to work itself out on the second floor (whether in the Study Zone or otherwise) is for users and the student community to make others aware that their voices carry and can be heard, kindly suggest others to talk more softly and indicate you are being disturbed. Library staff can be contacted at the service for concerns about noise from other groups. Staff will try and do a walk by of the area and assess firsthand – please let library staff know the room number and general location so we know where the noise is coming from. If loud voices persist, continue to report and library staff can speak to the noisy user/s to make them aware others feel they are being too loud. That said, the library can and should only police so much of this issue. It is a joint effort between the library to inform users they are being loud and also responsibility of library users to inform each other of the problem and set the norm. The library generally should not take sides in most cases and can only advise counting on everyone’s patience and politeness to try and keep voices down and noise at a minimum. We cannot control people and their behavior.

If users inform one another politely about noise this can help to establish a norm and shared culture of quiet over time in the library whether on second floor or anywhere. Even though declared a quiet floor, we all know in practical terms that there will be some noise and talking voices around the entire library. There is no high-end special sound proofing material in the Study Zone or anywhere in the library. Rooms large enough to hold more than one, yes in many cases pairs or more will talk. Talking is not prohibited. If voices are bothering you, please consider informing the people that they can be heard. Be nice and see what happens. Library staff can intervene and help too. If for some reason you are unwilling to confront noisy users, that is fine and please report the problem to the service desk. Keep in mind that in some cases by the time staff arrive to check out the noise, it is over and a coin toss whether or not to confront the loud group.

Disposable ear plugs are available from our service desk for free, and I’m noticing many students in the library wear noise canceling headphones and these are options to consider. In many cases of my experience, groups will quiet down or decide to move if confronted with a polite request to be more quiet. Or in some cases individuals wanting more serious pin-drop quiet will have to relocate. It is not a perfect situation by any means but through communication with each other the issue can be brought to light and most people will try and be more quiet if asked. In the case of our advertising messages and signage, we have removed the phrase “whisper quiet” from Study Zone and now message that quiet is the norm and to be aware that voices can carry. Noisy people may not realize their voices are carrying and bothering others; both library users and library staff can engage and make these folks aware.

Please contact me anytime to discuss this matter more. Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services,


Journal from Argentina     Fri, 2017-10-13

I just received an email from a journal in Argentina saying that they have been in existence for 103 years. Do you know anything about:

Library Response


Yes, it looks like this is a journal that really has been around since 1914; I confirmed from a couple of sources that the title is Prensa Medica Argentina, ISSN 0032-745X. It looks like we have access to the full text of it online for, randomly, volume 8 from 1921-22. Are you looking for copies of it, or were you just curious, or…? Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!




Nina McHale, MA, MA/MSLS

Department Head, Education and Reference

Health Sciences Library




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