Wireless access (wi-fi)

Wireless access is available throughout the library for notebook computers and other wireless devices.

Students, faculty and staff: Primary users with an account on the University domain should use the CU ANSCHUTZ wireless network. This network is more secure than the GUEST network.  After the initial setup, your campus username and password will be required to access the CU ANSCHUTZ network.

Guests: Visitors can use the GUEST wireless network. When using this network, the user is first presented with a "University Policy" web page. You must click the "Accept" button on that page in order to connect. Note: This cafe-style wireless network is not encrypted - use at your own risk.

Operating systems: Recommended operating systems for wireless include Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8,  and Mac OS 10.4 or higher. Not all wireless cards have been found to be compatible with our network. Most Android tablets and iPads have also been found to work.

Support: The library's Service Desk as well as Library IT provide limited support for in-library wireless connections. You can also call 303-724-4357 or 303-724-5463 for assistance.