Services and Fees by Patron Category

Who Gets What?

The Health Sciences Library is funded by University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) and the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) to health sciences programs and personnel. The library’s primary users include students currently enrolled at CU Anschutz, health sciences faculty and staff paid by the University, UCH employees and other types of patrons such as retired health sciences faculty. Please see below for more detail.

Primary users of the library receive all library services at either optimal cost or no cost along with remote/off campus access to licensed online content (see chart below).

Registration required along with verification from the library's Access staff of all applications. We strive to process account applications as soon as we can but do give preference to applications from University affiliated users as necessary.

Although the mission of the library is to support our primary customers, the physical library is open to the public and other affiliated users who do not hold primary patron status. Physical materials and most electronic resources are available in-library, onsite to these other patrons, affiliated or not. Selected additional library services may be provided to non-primary users on a fee-for-service basis such as interlibrary loan services.

See the chart below for more specific information describing library privileges by customer category.

Library Access Levels: Primary and Secondary Patrons
Library Cards and Online Access Eligibility

Customer Categories Library Card Eligibility Access to Online Licensed Content
(e-journals, full text databases, etc.)
Primary Patrons

-- CU Anschutz Faculty and Staff paid by the University.
-- Students Currently Enrolled in CU Anschutz Heath Sciences Schools.
-- Regular CU Anschutz Faculty Paid by Affiliate (National Jewish, VAMC, Denver Health, etc.). 
-- CU Anschutz Volunteer Faculty of all sorts authorized by School: Clinical, Adjunct/Adjoint, Preceptor, etc. 
-- Retired CU Anschutz Faculty.
-- CU Anschutz Residents paid by the University (on file and payroll with GME/SOM).
-- CU Anschutz Fellows and Visiting Scholars
-- CU Anschutz Visiting Students verified by College/School programs.
-- University of Colorado Hospital Aurora (UCH) paid staff.
-- CU Medicine Employees (formerly UPI)
-- CU Regents Board Members. 

May check out materials,
free borrowing card

No restrictions with online remote and off campus, and on-site access.

Registration may be required* for some products.

Secondary Patrons

-- CU Anschutz Alumni (paid members).
-- CU Anschutz Volunteer Staff. 
-- University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Volunteers.
-- Residents paid by other health organizations/hospitals: TCH, Denver Health, etc.
-- Non-University Fellows.
-- Other CU Faculty, Staff, and Students: Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs.
-- CCML Members. 
-- DU students and faculty.

May check out materials,
free borrowing card.

May use on-site only.

Remote off campus access NOT allowed.

All Others Library Card Eligibility Access to Online Licensed Content
(e-journals, full text databases, etc.)

Colorado Public, Residents of the State.

May check out materials with a borrowing card through two options:

Option 1: Free borrowing card with proof of Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) library account.

Option 2: If no account with another Colorado library which participates in CLC, 
borrowing card may be purchased for $200.00 per year or $100.00 for six month card.

May use on-site only. 

Remote off campus access NOT allowed.

See Also:

Volunteer Clinical Faculty (VCF), Preceptors, Contributing Faculty

Volunteer Clinical/Adjunct/Preceptor Faculty verified by the library as approved by the appropriate School/College are eligible for online access.

*Registration may be required

CU Anschutz Faculty, Students, Staff and other primary patrons

Your institutional ID is all you need to check out books and other items. Use the same PassportID username and password that you use on UCDAccess to access databases and online journal articles from off campus.

Your institutional ID (student ID or employee ID) is probably already registered with the library.


Please speak with the Access librarians at 303-724-2145 or 303-724-2139 or by email.