Professional Literature Search Service


For systematic reviews, grant proposals, dissertations and other big projects, consider requesting a literature search conducted by a librarian expert searcher. For more information on systematic reviews and other publication types that require a thorough literature, see the Searching The Literature resource guide. NOTE this service is available only to AMC faculty, students and staff.

Please contact the library at (303) 724-2152.

Services Included for All Searches

  • An initial meeting in-person or by phone
  • A list of citations with abstracts in various formats including Endnote, Endnote Web, RIS, or Word
  • Search strategies for each database

Services for Systematic Reviews  

  • A brief description of the literature search methodology for the publication
  • Flow chart with retrieval data as recommended in the PRISMA Statement
  • The searcher as  co-author and collaborator on your publication  
    Advantages include a fee waiver and assurance of a thorough and methodical search. The searcher will also be responsible for writing the literature search methodology section of the manuscript. See for example Family Practice Inquiry Nework (FPIN), an organization that brings together physician authors with librarian collaborators to create Clinical Inquiries published in the American Family Physician.

Fees - Extensive versus Basic
CU Anschutz Primary Affiliated Clients (who are they?)

  • Extensive search (multiple databases selected by topic and client interests): $50/search
  • Basic search  (Two databases, e.g., PubMed/Medline and one other database): $35/search
  • Searcher as collaborator and publication co-author: Fee is waived

Clinical (Volunteer) Faculty

  • All searches: $100/search

Delivery of Results

  • Allow at least 1 week
  • All results are electronically delivered. File formats include: Endnote (desktop), Endnote Web, RIS and/or Word.

Benefits of Working with an Expert Searcher

  • He is familiar with many resources related to your topic
  • She knows the unique search syntax of the resources
  • He will save you time
  • Librarians and information specialists are recognized by the Institute of Medicine among others as the authorities on searching the health literature

Typical Users of the Service

  • Authors including student* authors working on an extensive literature review for publication, for example a systematic review or meta-analysis
  • Researchers working on a literature review for a grant proposal
  • Clinicians looking for evidence-based information
  • PhD students conducting a comprehensive literature review for dissertations

*Students working on a course assignment may find it more convenient to schedule a free consultation with a librarian where we provide instruction  on how to conduct the searches instead of using the fee-based professional service. Consultations are available for free to any CU Anschutz affiliated students, faculty, and staff.

Free Alternatives to the Professional Service


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Due to a large volume of requests, we cannot complete searches for at least two months

Note: View fees for affiliated clients. Unaffiliated clients are charged $85/hour regardless of the nature of the search.

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