Student Textbooks Collection: Commercials and promotional videos

Commercials and videos to promote the Student Textbooks Collection

View early versions and prototypes of fun commercials to promote the student fee-funded textbook collection below. The University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Library welcomed two high school interns in 2009 to learn about health librarianship, libraries, and the health professionals and researchers supported by today's medical libraries. Annika Jones and Linda Jimenez produced a wonderful media presentation showcasing the HSL. Learn more about our internship program. 

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"Stu Dent Goes to the HSL": Libby and ASAC Textbooks to the Rescue


"Yo, a little help down here?": Ralphie Finds the ASAC Textbooks


"I'm Broke and Ain't Got a Dime": The Gang Drives to HSL for the ASAC Solution


-Additional Video from our high school student interns from 2009 : Hidden Secrets at HSL