Library Wishes 2015


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Melissa De Santis, MLIS, AHIP
Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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More private/group study rooms. They always seem to be full when I go to the library. study rooms
Unlimited free printing unlimited free printing unlimited Free printing printing and photocopying
Badge access study rooms so I can use to restroom if studying alone and not have to worry about the homeless population who is walking around watching students access eligibility, facility, study rooms
Private rooms for naps! furniture, relaxation and fun
I would like access to the Current Protocols series through Wiley Online Library. Specifically current protocols in Immunology and Cell Biology. collection requests, journals
I wish the temperature in the study rooms were less than 451 degrees I wish the temperature in the study rooms were less than 451 degrees No, seriously. I don't use the library for this very reason. We pay a lot of money for tuition and I shouldn't have to change into shorts and a tank top to be comfortable facility, study rooms
cafe more lounge/ relax-type chairs for studying café, furniture, relaxation and fun
Journal of Dance Medicine and Science Journal of Dance Medicine and Science Journal of Dance Medicine and Science collection requests, journals
Access to CSU Veterinary journals search engine and online subscriptions (this can be two wishes) collection requests, journals, website
More microwaves More water bottle filling stations (check out the ones in Ed2 North, they are spigots connected to existing fountains and would likely be cheaper than the in-the-wall unit put on the first floor) More walking and standing study tables

Wish #3 granted! We've ordered additional walkstations and standing desks. Now there are 4 walkstations and 5 standing desks in the building.

facility, furniture, kitchen, wishes granted
access site on internet, vs intranet access PDF's of articles access eligibility, journals, website
Reopen the café for accessible coffee and food. café
May already exist, but help with open access publishing costs (CSU has an annual allotment per faculty). Plotter for printing posters at a reasonable price. open access, printing and photocopying
Coffee shop reopened. More books. Remain awesome! I love this library! café, collection requests, staffing
Add the Wiley journal the "International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology" to the porfolio of journals offered to our students, residents, and faculty. This is the most important journal within otolaryngology that deals with rhinology, allergy, and sinus disease. Thanks. collection requests, journals
For laptops to be available for check out for more thAn two days. Could we have 6 days? Renew them twice or 3 times? I check out a computer and two days is sometimes not enough having clinicals etc etc More laptops for checkout. Sanitation wipes available by all desktop computers to wipe off.

Wishes #1 and #2 granted! Laptops will soon circulate for three days with one renewal allowed. Additionally more laptops have been ordered and will be added to the circulating collection soon.

computers, service desk and circulation, wishes granted
I wish that the cafe on the first floor would open back up. It seems like there would be a lot of business considering how many students there are at the library daily and how much coffee we need to get through our studies. café
Subscription to the journal, Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Thanks! collection requests, journals
Could the library subscribe to the journal "WIREs RNA", so students can have access. More days where the library has people bring puppies or other small furry animals to the library for stress relief. collection requests, journals, relaxation and fun
Illiad Illiad Illiad

Wishes granted! ILLiad is available and is now free for students, residents, faculty and staff. More information is available on the ILL fees webpage.

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