Library Wishes 2015

If you could have three library wishes, what would they be?If the Library Genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?

From September 14-30, 2015, we asked our users to let us know! We were thrilled to receive 121 submissions for a total of 253 wishes! 

All the wishes can be viewed below. If a wish could be “granted” right now, that information is included under Library Comments. You can also view all the wishes granted on one page. 

The most popular types of wishes in 2015 were for:

  • Additions to the library’s collection – a book, journal, database, or other type of resource
  • Additional study rooms
  • Additional treadmill and standing desks
  • To re-open the café or coffee shop

The library first started soliciting wishes in 2013 as part of our strategic planning process. In 2013, we received 108 submissions for a total of 254 wishes. In 2014, we received 152 submissions for a total of 349 wishes.


  • Library operations
  • Library policies
  • Exhibits in the Library
  • Practicum or Service Learning opportunities
Melissa De Santis, MLIS, AHIP
Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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First wish Second wish Third wish Library comments Tags
Access to more journals. We can get most of the articles available on pubmed but what about Sage or other journal searching services. And if it isn't available through those sources why can't the library purchase it? It seems like there is quite a bit of funding moving in to not provide this service. The staff I've talked to about getting articles etc don't seem very knowledgeable. Are they being trained to ensure that they're up to a certain standard? Are there continuing education opportunities or something to keep them up to date? Make the Inter Library Loan enrollment more automatic. When I become a student there's no reason this isn't apart of the packet. budget, collection requests, interlibrary loan (ILL), journals, staffing
Free Printing Online database Longer periods of time to reserve rooms. databases, printing and photocopying, study rooms
Access to additional journals in the realm of sexuality studies and law: Hein Online (Porn Studies, Taylor and Francis Publishing) Violence and Victims Emerald Insight journals collection requests, journals
Coffee back in the library! More audio available to download online (example: EM Rap subscription) Easier printing. café, collection requests, databases, printing and photocopying
License/access to the Reaxys medicinal chemistry database ( collection requests, databases
Please open up a coffee shop/ café at the library! Add more filtered water fountains. Include a library tour and how to use the resources offered in new student orientation. café, classes, facility
More single person study rooms would be nice. Maybe moving study kiosks are a thing if you can't actually build more rooms. More rentable laptops and MacBooks Lockers

Wish #2 granted! More laptops - both PC and Mac - have been ordered and will be available soon.

computers, lockers, service desk and circulation, study rooms, wishes granted
I wish we had rooms we can sleep in - if and when we get tired from studying. furniture, relaxation and fun
Study rooms that are locked and that you can badge in to, so when i'm studying alone and the library is still "public", I don't have to worry about my stuff being stolen by strangers when I need to use the restroom or go to the vending machine More snacks (add another vending machine with more choices) facility, study rooms, vending machines
a quick on line video orientation to the various numbers that get assigned to publications. Help for faculty in maintaining their online bibliographies. Access to electronic version of Mandell's Principals and practice of infectious diseases textbook with ability to access the textbook's index.

Wish #3 granted! This book can be accessed from both ClinicalKey and the library's e-books page under M: Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases.

classes, collection requests, e-books, journals, reference management, textbooks, wishes granted
More biomechanics texts. I can provide titles. collection requests, textbooks
To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! alumni access
healthy vending machine options vending machines
Coffee, Students who spend almost all day/night in the library need more coffee selections(stronger coffee) or more places in the library to get coffee, especially after hours. Maybe opening the cafe near the entrance and giving students the chance to run the Cafe? Any other coffee options would be greatly appreciated! café, vending machines
Library temperature is too cold. 70C is too cold. facility
Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition By Martha H. Stipanuk, Marie A. Caudill collection requests, e-books
Classes (e.g., EndNote, doing lit search, and others) should be videotaped so that the recording can be accessed later. A lot of our faculties/staff are interested in learning these skills but unable to get away (from the clinic, or lab, or meetings) to attend the in-person class. So, if there is a recording of these classes, then they can view it at their own time. If you go about this route, please make a good quality audio/video and/or with link to the handouts. Thank you! classes, literature searches, reference management
The library will buy a handful of the required course text books to be available to students--especially the text books that other near-by libraries don't carry. More than one water-bottle fill station A foot-massage station

Wish #1 granted! The library purchases required course books when students let us know they need them. You can request via the library's online form.

collection requests, facility, relaxation and fun, textbooks, wishes granted
To decrease all the pop up windows when I am searching for articles. journals, website
I want to find a wanted book quickly, and can understand the storage information on the surface of a book. I want you to offer more free English Learning classes. One hour everyday would be better. I want to work in library, but I can't as I am an International student. classes, staffing