Library Wishes 2015


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Melissa De Santis, MLIS, AHIP
Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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Stand up study tables in study rooms. More treadmill desks.

Wish #2 granted! New walkstations and standing desks were added to the library. There are now 4 walkstations and 5 standing desks in the building.

furniture, study rooms, wishes granted
Case Files book access online, currently only have the pharmacological version on access pharmacy. Would like family Medicine, internal medicine, pediatric medicine collection requests, e-books
Nap Pods A library single cup coffee maker A badge access second floor

Wish #2 granted! Three Keurigs have been added to the library, there is one on each floor.

access eligibility, facility, furniture, kitchen, quiet, relaxation and fun, wishes granted
Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator. computer software
Cafe serving coffee and food open while the library is open. streamlined off campus journal access. Currently you have to put in the name, click the link, open another window, click it again, and usually just go to the journal website and find the article again. café, journals, website
please keep free interlibrary loan for faculty members (would be great for all members of campus or at least faculty& trainees) better/quicker/smoother access to the HSL resources from within Children's network return of the coffee shop (I know this is out of your control) access eligibility, café, interlibrary loan (ILL)
A copy of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials standards library (either online or in print) Biomechanics and tissue mechanics collection Expanded mathematical section (advances regression analysis, engineering based texts collection requests, journals
More study rooms please! A coffee shop! café, study rooms
Alumni opportunities to have continued access literature bank maintained by the library would be extremely beneficial. I know this would be difficult, but even if it was for a yearly fee it would be something that a large portion of alumni would utilize. alumni access
Harrison's Internal Medicine (online version) Harrison's Internal Medicine (physical book

Wishes #1 and #2 granted! The 19th edition (2015) of the physical book is available in print from the service desk: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. The 18th edition (2012) of the online version is available through either the AccessPharmacy database or the library's e-books page under H.

collection requests, databases, e-books, wishes granted
More leisure reading (yay fun books!) Cafe or vending machine (with coffee) Disinfecting wipes at computer stations café, computers, relaxation and fun, vending machines
I wish we had rooms we can sleep in - if and when we get tired from studying. furniture, relaxation and fun
Study rooms that are locked and that you can badge in to, so when i'm studying alone and the library is still "public", I don't have to worry about my stuff being stolen by strangers when I need to use the restroom or go to the vending machine More snacks (add another vending machine with more choices) facility, study rooms, vending machines
More biomechanics texts. I can provide titles. collection requests, textbooks
To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! To have continued online access to the library resources after graduation. I am willing to pay! alumni access
healthy vending machine options vending machines
Coffee, Students who spend almost all day/night in the library need more coffee selections(stronger coffee) or more places in the library to get coffee, especially after hours. Maybe opening the cafe near the entrance and giving students the chance to run the Cafe? Any other coffee options would be greatly appreciated! café, vending machines
Classes (e.g., EndNote, doing lit search, and others) should be videotaped so that the recording can be accessed later. A lot of our faculties/staff are interested in learning these skills but unable to get away (from the clinic, or lab, or meetings) to attend the in-person class. So, if there is a recording of these classes, then they can view it at their own time. If you go about this route, please make a good quality audio/video and/or with link to the handouts. Thank you! classes, literature searches, reference management
The library will buy a handful of the required course text books to be available to students--especially the text books that other near-by libraries don't carry. More than one water-bottle fill station A foot-massage station

Wish #1 granted! The library purchases required course books when students let us know they need them. You can request via the library's online form.

collection requests, facility, relaxation and fun, textbooks, wishes granted