Library Wishes 2015


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Melissa De Santis, MLIS, AHIP
Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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First wish Second wish Third wish Library comments Tags
easier to find/ navigate printing from the computers In the library with or without a copy card Coffee and snacks closer to the library (big wish I know) Coffee shop!! Or store where the old one was. café, printing and photocopying
More portable lamps to put on desks. Another standing desk on the 3rd floor Cheaper printing

Wish #1 granted! The library is currently ordered more desk lamps and hoping they will arrive within the next few weeks. Additional standing desks and walk stations have been ordered. The library now has a total of 5 standing desks and 4 walkstations.

facility, furniture, printing and photocopying, wishes granted
online workshop or directions on how to best search for information from the library online free printing free subscription/access to more electronic resource apps- for phone or tablet classes, mobile access, printing and photocopying
EndNote RefWords Any citation manager reference management
Sonnino, S S View Author Profile (2013). "Membrane domains and the "lipid raft" concept.". Current medicinal chemistry (0929-8673), 20 (1), p. 4. PMID: 23150999 Perhaps all of the Current Medical Chemistry Journals if possible collection requests, journals
A coffee shop More exercise equipment café, furniture
Additional study rooms More purple couches furniture, study rooms
It would be great if the wireless printing was easier to access since most student have their own laptops that they are using. My last university had a wireless printing system which only required the scanning of your student ID to pay for it (and $50 of printing was included in student fees). The current wireless system is much more work than it seems it is worth.

Wish #1 will hopefully be granted in early 2016! The library is currently looking to implement a new printing system in 2016.

printing and photocopying, wishes granted
Illiad free for all trainees including postdoc and not just students Illiad free for everyone on campus. I WISH I still had access to free Illiad requests, as I did as a student.

Wishes granted! ILLiad is now free for students, residents, faculty and staff. More information is available on the ILL fees webpage.

interlibrary loan (ILL)
Free printing! Free printing quota FREE PRINTING printing and photocopying
Water bottle filling stations Standing desks Healthy food vending machine

Wishes #1 and #2 granted! There are now three water bottle filling stations in the library - one on each floor. New standing desks and walkstations were ordered and we now have a total of 4 walkstations and 5 standing desks in the building.

facility, furniture, vending machines, wishes granted
I understand the library is considered public domain but having transients sleep in the study rooms or looking up inappropriate things on the computer makes me afraid of going back Brighter lights Free printing access eligibility, computers, facility, printing and photocopying, study rooms
Keurig cup machine, coffee options in the library are sad. Healthy vending machine Students/staff only

Wish #1 granted! There are now three Keurigs in the library - one on each floor.

access eligibility, vending machines, wishes granted
the stationary bikes that have desks built in, like they have in that room in the wellness center. there should be some of those in the library too. or the wellness center should be free to students. or both. updated computers, or an area with some apple computers. free printing for students.

Wish #2 granted!  Two new 21.5” iMac computers have been ordered and are now located in the First Floor Information Commons.

budget, computers, furniture, printing and photocopying, wishes granted
I wish the library had a cafe outside offering healthy snacks and coffee. See above See above café
Steam cleaning our current fabric furniture. Lockers for students at the library More ergonomic seating options furniture, lockers
Access to computing/data analysis software for students--SAS, Stata, Matlab, something of the sort and then some kind of training or class/seminar on how to use them.

Wish #1 partially granted! The library does provide access to SAS, SPSS, JMP Pro and R on library's computer workstations. However, the library does not provide instruction on using these programs.

classes, collection requests, computer software, computer software classes, wishes granted
EndNote EndNote EndNote reference management
A completely quiet dedicated napping room for quick power naps between Long study sessions. More treadmill desks

Wish #2 granted! New walkstations and standing desks were added to the library. There are now 5 standing desks and 4 walkstations in the building.

furniture, relaxation and fun, wishes granted
A real coffee shop in the library (and I'm not talking about that silly vending machine). Many more walking treadmills. Color printing for students if that isn't already a thing.

Wish #2 granted! More walking treadmill desks are scheduled to be delivered in early December.

café, furniture, printing and photocopying, vending machines, wishes granted