Library Wishes 2013

If you could have three library wishes, what would they be?

During the month of July 2013, the Health Sciences Library asked our users to let us know what three wishes they would request from a library genie. The library staff wanted to use this information to assist in creating a new strategic plan.

The library was thrilled to receive 108 submissions for a total of 254 wishes! The most popular type of wish was for an addition to the library’s collection – a book, journal, database, or other type of resource.  The Library’s Collection Management department is researching those requests right now.

The library wanted to share all 254 wishes that were received. The wishes can be viewed below. Additionally, if a wish could be “granted” right now, that information is included in the Comment column.

The library will continue working on updating its strategic plan and are hoping to share a draft in early fall.


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Give access to more journals online (this may count as 1 wish or many, if many then you can take the first 3 journals i list):e.g. -Lab on a Chip -The various Nature journals going back to their start: e.g. Nature chemical biology & nature methods back to 2004, etc. -Physical Review Letters and Physical review B earlier than 2002 -Journal of Biomedical Optics -European biophysics journal -Journal of theoretical biology 1979-1993 -Islets -Journal of microscopy - Oxford (at least since 1980) -Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Stock more text books that could be related to bioengineering: Optics Hecht, Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy 2nd and 3rd editions Lakowicz Principle of lasers Svelto

Not charge for ILL

collection requests, interlibrary loan (ILL), journals, textbooks

later evening hours and early morning hours on weekends


hot water heater for tea

refrigerator, microwave, water

continued access to the Henry Stewart talks-

collection requests

AccessMedicine -- very useful collection of medicine for all fields

collection requests

I wish I was able to search the lirerature inteligently, quickly and be bale to weed out unnesecary articles.

I wish I knew how to use the library serources better and if it was as easy as the google search engine.

Make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian at Or you can sign up for a class at

classes, literature searches, wishes granted

Henry Stewart Talks

collection requests

Atkins molecular biology

Transgenic mice technology

Animal behavior experiments and methods

collection requests

More active direct links to full text journal articles.

More publicity to the academic community about the great support that research librarians provide.

Continued educational offerings with online information and face-to-face class offerings.

classes, journals, staffing

Entrance from the east side of building.

Coffee shop open later.

Longer hours during finals.

café, facility, hours

I would like to be able to submit a list of references and receive copies of the journal articles and information on the other references within a few days. And I would like to be able to submit my list via email.

I request that each hospital affiliated with the medical school (probably excluding VA) have an office staffed 5 days a week by a librarian (or assistant). The current location of the library is, unfortunately, very inconvenient for people working within the university hospital and children's hospital and parking is not convenient either. The walk to the library is very hot in summer and often very cold in winter.

Think seriously about wish #1 and wish #2.

Wish 1 - this wish can be granted using the library's interlibrary loan service. See for more information.

interlibrary loan (ILL), staffing, wishes granted

an easier to find link to this website for current students

better organized website in general, especially the university's website


24-hour access for medical students

free coffee

café, facility, hours, vending machines

The subscription of Journal of Visual Experiments.

The subscription of Nature Protocols

Wish 1 - as of July 1 we have a subscription to JoVE (Journal of Visual Experiments)

journals, wishes granted

Dropbox for return books around the campus! Please!

there is a lot of medical and biology books from Springer, but we don't have access to. It will be great if we can purchase Springer access.

no third wish, our library rocks!

collection requests, databases, facility

Ability to use UpToDate mobile application. Having to go through proxy process and use browser version is to clunky to be feasible in a clinical situation

More textbooks that medical students need

More practical board review materials (First Aid, qbanks, etc.)

Wish 1 - The UpToDate mobile app is now available! Wish 2 - we received a list of required textbooks for 1st year medical students. We owned all but a couple are working to order them now.

collection requests, databases, textbooks, website, wishes granted

More historic anatomy textbooks in special collections.

Showcase student artwork in the building.

Some 27" iMacs for computing purposes.

collection requests, computers, facility, relaxation, textbooks

areas for individual study that included white board space.

study rooms

a bigger fridge or another smaller fridge on 1-2 other floors (it would be nice w/ a microwave on the floors too to help out with people eating at peak hours)!

open later and earlier hours, OR 24 hour access with badge (had this in undergrad and it was wonderful! we actually had a large hall connected to the library that was open 24/7 for studying - no resources, only tables to have quiet study)

Wish 1: There is now a microwave and fridge on each floor of the library

hours, refrigerator, microwave, water, wishes granted

Advanced xcel training.

Advanced adobe photoshop training.

This type of training is provided by CU system for faculty and staff via SkillSoft.

classes, computer software classes, wishes granted