Loan Periods

amesse sealLoan periods for most Circulating items - two weeks.

  • 40 items may be borrowed by a patron at one time
  • Users must have and present their University ID badge, driver's license or library card issued by HSL to checkout materials
  • Desk staff may allow checkout to faculty and students who are regular customers and/or who can verify their identity without ID through patron record information such as ID number and month and day of birth
  • Books may be renewed up to 10 times or a total of 20 weeks if no holds have been placed upon them.  A hold request will honor the current loan period; further renewal is not allowed
  • Journals from the 2nd floor circulate for two weeks to CU Anschutz faculty and students.

Loan periods for Reserve items typically are four hours on all the items are kept behind the Service Desk. These items can all be renewed unless there is someone waiting for them to be returned.

  • books, videos, and DVDs
  • audiovisual equipment such as laptops, white erase markers, and headphones and other gadgets
  • Library copies on course reserve - usually books
  • Instructors' personal copies on course reserve - usually books
  • permanent reserves - special items HSL chooses to keep behind service desk
  • Bones and anatomy models, most of which are behind service desk but some in glass cases near the service desk
  • More information about reserves | Information about the Student Textbooks Collection funded by the Academic Support Fee.

Non-Circulating items, such as Reference materials from of the 1st floor reference collection must be used within the library.

Access to items at the service desk for non-affiliated patrons
Items kept behind the customer service desk requested by a nonaffiliated patron who does not have a card, an application for a restricted card can be requested and filled out.  This restricted card allows reserve items and audio visual items to be checked out and used within the library.  This card does not allow the holder to take any materials out of the library.