Center for Drug Information and Evaluation (CDIEE)

The Center for Drug Information Education and Evaluation (CDIEE) is a collaborative entity of the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy and Hospital. The primary mission of the Center is to educate healthcare professionals and students of the Anschutz medical community on effective options of locating drug information literature for patient care and student training needs. Healthcare providers and students utilize CDIEE staff for training on information retrieval from drug information databases and other medical information products available today.

The CDIEE director is an employee of University of Colorado Hospital and an adjunct professor with the UCD-AMC School of Pharmacy, responsible for formal lecture presentation and student precepting. The CDIEE is an experiential rotation site for pharmacy students in the final year of training, and it is the UCH Pharmacy Practice Residency longitudinal rotation site.

The University of Colorado Hospital utilizes the CDIEE as an internal drug information service, sending labor-intensive drug information questions to the director for research. This service enriches pharmacy student educational experience with real life drug information retrieval and application to patient care activities. The CDIEE Director and students are responsible for vaccine education of UCH inpatient and outpatient staff through drug information responses, quarterly newsletter publication, and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Subcommittee participation.

For more information about the CDIEE, please contact Larry Golightly, Pharm.D. [ or 303-724-2164], UCH Department of Pharmacy, Health Sciences Library/CDIEE.