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Melissa De Santis, MLIS, AHIP
Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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Physical 3D models of organs, cells, molecules - everything related to any of the schools on campus.

Electronic map for open study groups: someone comes to the library to study for the pharmacy exam coming up soon and signs in near the front desk to notify other pharmacy students that an open study group has been formed in the room down the hall.

Bundled resources that can be checked out that cover everything related to a certain topic. For example, I go to the front desk of the library and ask for the "Diabetes Bundle" and am handed a box that has a book on diabetes, a guide to diabetes cooking, teaching tools for diabetes patients (posters and other visual aids, worksheets, etc.), and a model of a pancreas and pancreatic Beta-cell.

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I would wish for the USMLE STEP 3 Question bank readily available at the desk office.

I would wish for the ACLS PROVIDER course to be issued.

I would wish to get access to free online CME courses, in order to avail lots of AMA category 1 CME credits.

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Keep Up-To-Date and other web databases. They are extremely valuable in my education.

You are a library. While I realize that there is a very specific mission of a health sciences library towards catering to services that directly impact health and science education, you are none-the-less a pivotal access point to pleasure media as well. Your options in this regard are limited. I would like to see a subscription to a digital music/media service (example Rhapsody, Spotify, XM radio etc.) that could be readily accessed. Maintaining mental health and a balanced life style are stressed in every aspect of our education and having access to one of these services via a central means represents a large building block towards making this a reality and would demonstrate the university commitment to promoting this balance through more than words.

With so many listserves on campus and announcements, it's hard to tell what's actually going on on campus. It would be nice if there was a short 10-15 minute podcast that can summarize some of the major happenings on campus that could be listened to on the way to campus. I find it kind of embarrassing when people ask about something in the news from campus, but honestly it's just hard to organize everything because there is so much going on. This would be especially valuable to students who are looking for an in or a place to start regarding somebody for projects and opportunities, etc. Navigating the healthcare world can be difficult but building a sense of community on campus may be a great way to promote education and collaboration.

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Lexus Nexus access through our library!!! This would be soooo incredibly helpful for economic and policy papers we work on through the school of public health

more public health resources and help. Currently, the knowledge and resources are very clinically driven that there isn't a lot of support for researchers in more sociological/public health research fields.

support for other reference management systems including zotero, or cheaper software than EndNote

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Either get the Oxford English Dictionary once again, or tell us where on line you've hidden it.

With Google Reader gone, do a course on organizing your web stuff; maybe specifically on getting the best out of Feedly, the heir apparent?

How about a course on making your web sites device friendly; what can and can't be done with a tiny smartphone screen, how to work around Apple not doing Flash, and all that jazz...

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Study rooms that aren't fish bowls, i.e. less windows.

more signal processing and more biomedical imaging books.

individual study rooms that are larger than the current cubbies.

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