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New Wireless Printing     Fri, 2016-04-15

Really great!  This is way more user friendly than the old system, set up was really straightforward, and printing was very easy.  I really appreciated all the options I now have by which to print and am particularly drawn to the PrintMe app on the phone.

The fact that I no longer have to purchase a card and recharge it but can rather just directly use a credit/debit card is the massive plus.

Thanks for the help on this! I will definitely let my fellow students know about this.  I know that they would benefit from and like this system better.



Library Response

Thank you for this feedback!  We will be launching and publicizing this new printing system very soon.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT

MD Consult     Wed, 2016-03-30

I can't find md consult anymore.  Drop down menus pop closed while trying to use them.  Older site was more user friendly.

Library Response

Thank you for this feedback!

As of January 1, 2015, all of the information that was accessible via MD Consult and First Consult, plus more, is available in ClinicalKey, a clinical resource from Elsevier that includes journals, books, practice guidelines, patient education, drugs, multimedia, instructional videos of medical of procedures and more.

Please also check out our Clinical Resources page, which lists several excellent clinical point of care tools including Dynamed, IsabelDX, Micromedex and VisualDx.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the dropdown menu. Please let us know which page the dropdown menu is located so that we can address the issue of it closing too soon.

Vivienne Houghton
Web Services Librarian

new Macs     Fri, 2016-03-11

Love the new Macs! Can't wait for new features.

Library Response

Thank you for this feedback!

Jeff Kuntzman/Head, Library IT

Wifi Speed     Thu, 2016-03-10

I am a student on Campus. I like studying at the Library. Is there a way to get faster Wi-Fi in the library? I typically only get 36-48Mbps; elsewhere on campus, I can get up to 200-400Mpbs. I think the wireless repeaters and routers in the library are either out of date or the connection speed is to low.

Thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for this feedback.

You may experience variable wireless bandwidth in the library depending on various factors, including your distance to the nearest wireless access point, and the number of other users currently on wireless. That said, we in the library do not administer the building’s wireless network – it is administered by the CU Denver Office of Information Technology.

We believe that some buildings on the Anschutz campus have received new infrastructure to handle newer, faster wireless protocols such as N and AC. However, currently, the only wireless available in the library is the older access protocol – G.  We encourage you to submit feedback regarding wireless access to the Office of Information Technology via their Be the Solution web page.

Best regards,

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT

Surface Pro HDMI cables     Wed, 2016-03-09

First off, the staff at the library has been amazing!

Thank you guys. I was wondering if you guys can look into getting micro HDMI cables for the library so that we can use our microsoft surface pros to project onto the large monitors as well.


Library Response

For any screen connection issues please stop at the service desk and someone from IT will be happy to assist you.  We have both micro HDMI male to HDMI female and Mini Display Port male to HDMI female adapters available for check out at the service desk. The Microsoft Surface Pro's typically have the Mini Display port connection.

Thank you.

Michael Campbell


Sticky top on Walk Stations     Wed, 2016-03-09

I notice that sometimes the walk stations get a little sticky/dirty from the user before us. It would be nice if there were spray containers with wipes at dedicated areas in the library near the walk stations. I do like that you guys added the air freshners in the bathrooms!

Library Response
Non Cu Students     Wed, 2016-03-02

I think the library should be allowed for the non CU students open until 10 pm on all days. There are students like me who want to use it a little longer.


Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We do take into account many factors and needs, trends, etc. when it comes to setting library hours. A major driver of the hours provided by the library are the needs of the immediate University community along with budget, staffing and other such challenges which affect library hours. We appreciate your comment.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services.

New iMacs     Mon, 2016-01-25

I like the new iMacs in the library!  Would love to see some more.

I was told you can check out macbooks also.  I would love to do this because mine is acting up, but it would be nice if we could check out for longer than 3 days.

Library Response

It’s awesome to hear you are enjoying the new iMac’s in the north commons.

The library does offer laptops for check out. We have a variety of laptops to choose from. Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. The standard loan time for laptops are 3 days, with an optional 3 day renewal.

The library is working to provide a laptop reservation system in the future that will allow students to borrow laptops for an extended amount of time. Feel free to fill out the survey to give us some feedback on borrowing times.

If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to visit the library service desk.

Gyasi Evans
Access Services


FindIt     Thu, 2016-01-21

On the mobile site, the FindIt search box isn't always available.

Library Response

Thank you for providing this feedback.

Although we have not been able to reproduce this behavior on our mobile site, we suspect it might be due to FindIt's inability to accept the HTTPS:// secure protocol.  If your mobile browser views our website through https instead of http, the FindIt search box will not appear.  As a workaround - we suggest either trying a different mobile web browser, or viewing our library home page in http only,

We will submit feedback to our FindIt vendor that their Summon product should be modified to accept SSL (https) web connections.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT


Wireless Printing     Mon, 2016-01-11

I would love to see the wireless printing come back. It makes printing articles for my classes so much more streamline since I can download them to my laptop and not have to tie up a library's desktop.

Library Response

We are currently working with a new vendor for our public printing, which will include a much improved wireless printing option once it is installed. We are currently in the acquisitions phase, and then we will go into installation and testing. We are excited by the new product and hope you will be too! The new system will also allow credit card payment right at the printer. We are hoping to launch the new system into production by March.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head of Library IT


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