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Group Study Rooms     Tue, 2013-09-10

All group rooms occupied - only two with 2 or more people.  Our small group couldn't find a room.

Library Response

Thank you for your comment.

I think the library will update the signage on these rooms to make the options, everyone’s rights, and our policy more clear. Our policy is that group study rooms are first-come, first-serve and can be used by individuals as well as groups. However, groups take priority. The signage on the group study rooms imply this and state, “groups have priority usage over this room.” What that means in practice is that groups can bump individuals in group study rooms anytime.

In cases where an individual is using a group study room, groups have the right to knock on the door and politely ask the individual to vacate the room and give it up for the group. In cases where your group is uncomfortable with doing this or the individual refuses to give up the room upon being asked, you can always come to the first floor service desk for assistance. Library staff will request and direct the individual to give up the room for the group.

We should all strive (library patrons, students and library staff) to be courteous, polite and understanding with each other when conflict over space emerges. Groups have priority usage of the group study rooms, and there are plenty of open tables and quiet areas for individuals to do their work and study.

Please be aware that group study room 1305 on the first floor is available for reservations in advance and this may help some groups plan and insure you can have a group room. Make your reservation at

Please contact me about this anytime,, 303-724-2139. Thank you and we appreciate your input.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services

First Floor Noise     Tue, 2013-09-10

First floor of the library seemed to be more of a convention center than a library.  A student course was assembling in front of the teaching labs, demonstrating reckless, inconsiderate, noisy behavior.  I understand that the 2nd floor is the quiet floor, but I also believe that certain rules of behavior should apply throughout the library.  Please let me know what you are going to do about this....

Library Response

Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry that you were disturbed by noise in the library. We agree that certain rules of behavior apply throughout the library. The library’s Conduct Policy spells out such expectations and indicates everyone using the library should be sensitive to ensuring an atmosphere conducive to study. If library staff at our service desk are made aware of noise, we are glad to step in and ask others to lower their voices. In addition, library users are encouraged to self-police and in future situations you have every right to politely ask others to keep their voices down.

The library serves many purposes for the University in addition to quiet study. The facility is a signature building on campus and is included on campus tours. The three computer teaching labs are used by many on campus for hands-on instruction. There are large meetings rooms within the building that are heavily scheduled. Many meetings and group study sessions take place within the building. Since most of the meeting spaces are on the 1st and 3rd floors, the 2nd floor has been converted to a quiet floor. Additionally, computers were added to a room on the 2nd floor for CU Anschutz users if they require a computer in a quieter location.

I’m glad to discuss this topic at your convenience. I work 8am to 5pm during weekdays. You can ask for me at the service desk or contact me ( to schedule a time to chat.

Conference Room 3203     Mon, 2013-09-09

Can we reopen the third floor conference room for student use when it's not actually being used by the consulting company? We have been dealing with a shortage of study rooms during peak study hours as it is. 

Also, when students need the room most tends to be after business hours when other organizations would be least likely to need it.

Library Response

Thank you for the suggestion.  Library Administration will be happy to pursue this idea with McKinsey.  We will seek maximum flexibility. 

Thank you for your interest in the Library!  Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns - 303-724-2133, by e-mail at or stop by for a visit in Library Administration.  My office is on the 3rd floor, west side of the building.

Jerry Perry
HSL Director

Conference Room 3203     Mon, 2013-09-09

Recently I was informed that room 3203 will be used indefinitely by a consulting firm. While I appreciate the fact that the library is open to the public, there is already a shortage of rooms with equipment (tv's and projectors) that enable CU students to study the lecture powerpoints as a group. It is fine to allow outside organizations to use the facilities from time to time; but with the rooms in Ed1 and Ed2 already full, and the number of students on campus increasing, the library is an increasingly vital for our education. We already have a shortage of study space on campus. Allowing indefinite, non-academic usage of space constructed specifically for students adversely affects our learning.

On a different note, I want to emphasize how amazing the staff is at the library. They are incredibly professional, helpful and nice. Since last semester, I have been consistently coming here four to six times a week; that entire time there has never been a single negative interaction. In fact, the complaint I give above is the only negative experience I have ever had here. 

In a way, I want the space to be available so that my study partner and I can keep coming.

Library Response

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and concerns about the use of Rm 3203.  The consulting firm, McKinsey, has been officially engaged by the University of Colorado System to conduct a thorough review of the research activities occurring on all CU campuses, including ours, and due to the breadth and scope of the initiative the term of engagement is expected to last a year.  The Library was identified as a good location due to the accessibility of the building.  The space will be used as a site where the consultants can meet with campus administration, faculty and graduate students.  The space also has the correct technology set-up to allow the consultants to work with CU personnel on the other campuses.  Library Administration determined that of all the meeting rooms in the Library that may be scheduled by affiliated groups, Rm 3203 was the best as it is the least-used meeting room in the building.

 At the Library we are aware of the demand for study space, the growing class size, and the desire for access to technology.  Staff are available to assist all customers find a room in which to work, including rooms outfitted with the technology that is needed.  We are also considering how to increase the volume and quality of our study spaces; we recently renovated former vending and printer rooms to create three additional study rooms.  Last year we purchased additional flat panel monitors for rooms that lacked them and hope to buy more, budget allowing.

I hope these comments provide additional information and context.  I am happy to discuss this or any other matter – please feel free to connect with me by phone  at 303-724-2133, by e-mail at or stop by for a visit in Library Administration.  My office is on the 3rd floor, west side of the building.


Thank you for using the Library and for your concern. 


Speed of computers     Wed, 2013-07-17

The desktop computers on the first floor, (and maybe for the laptops) have been experiencing very slow processing times and takes time to upload internet webpages.  Downtown IT had similar experience in their labs and it was b/c they incorporated a new computer network system.  I'm guessing the system is new?  I like your computers but wish they were faster (i.e. try watching youtube videos- there is lots of buffering and lag time is clear).

Library Response

We are in the process of upgrading our systems to help improve performance for the computers on the first floor, specifically to address audio and video choppiness. We are aware that this is an issue for the commons workstations.

In general the campuses internet download speeds vary significantly throughout the day. Since internet bandwidth is shared with all of the campuses computers, speeds vary from minute to minute whether you are on a staff workstation, wireless laptop or first floor library stations.

The campus-wide IT Services group have indicated that they are working on system upgrades to help improve overall internet speeds.

We really appreciate your feedback and would like to schedule a brief one on one meeting in the library to observe and document the performance issues that you have been experiencing. 

If you would be willing to meet with us, please contact Mike Campbell via his email -

Reserved Books     Sun, 2013-07-14

I borrowed reserved books and was told that I need to return them after 2 hours.  After that I need to wait an hour in order to re-borrow.  Though the girl was very nice allowing me to renew my borrowing immediately, I think this rule doesn't make sense.  I understand there are others who need reserved books.  But if we can allow people to request to put holds on reserved books, then when I returned I will know if there's anyone needing the book and don't need to return for one hour and borrow them again.  Just a thought.

Library Response

Thank you for your feedback.

Because there are a limited number of copies (from 1-3) of reserve books, the library gives desk staff discretion on allowing repeat renewals/checkouts.  If there have been requests for a reserve item that is checked out, then a staff member may not allow the borrower to re-check out the book so that other students can use the resource.  At this time, we do not have a method to place a hold on a reserve book (the hold system we use for circulating copies will not work on reserve items), so we leave it to the desk staff to decide whether to allow continual checkouts to one specific student or to give the title a one-hour cool down period to allow others to access the book.

If we only have one copy of a reserve item and you feel that we should have additional copies, you can request additional copies through the form on the Health Sciences Library website.

Andrew Roth
Reserves Coordinator

VisualDx     Tue, 2013-05-28

Hi, I recently used a free trial subscription to Visual Dx, and found it really helpful.  It would be nice if we could get this resource permanently!


Library Response

Thank you for your feedback on VisualDx!

We are examining the usage data we collected from VisualDx trial and the subscription options.  We should make a decision fairly soon.  Stay tuned.


Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management

Universal Power Charger     Fri, 2013-05-24

Please buy laptop universal power charger cords for circulation.  Thanks.

Library Response

Thank you for your feedback.

The library has considered this exact question in the past. It would be great to fulfill the need and there does seem to be customer/student interest in the provision of universal chargers for PC Windows-type laptops. I think we can all agree that the grand variety of PC laptops ‘out there’ today is rather daunting, and thus it is challenging to provide a universal-enough power cord that would suit enough users and do so efficiently and safely. We have some concern about potential damage due to misuse of chargers – polarity and voltage differences could pose problems even when the connection seems to fit. The library would hate to risk damage to anyone’s laptop with equipment we provide and so we have some liability concerns wrapped up in this question. The grand number of tips and attachments with such universal chargers would be challenging as well in various ways. That all being said, there are affordable options out there and you are not the first customer to suggest this.

We will continue to explore the options and consider the pricing of various solutions, see if a product or two can be tried without too many obstacles. I can make no promises because we do see some problems that could interfere with success in this provision. A couple library staff are shopping and looking at various brands and we will continue to consider the pros and cons.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services

Designate a proportion of group study rooms to two or more...     Thu, 2013-05-16

Came with a group looking for a group study room. Of all of the "small group" rooms, only two had more than one person. The Quiet room [room 2100, second floor] with individual desks and the one person rooms [booths] were empty.

Suggestion: designate a proportion of group rooms, "Two or more people only." This is poor use of space and resources.

Library Response


Thank you very much for this feedback and suggestion.

Library leadership is considering.

Another option to consider is group study room 1305 on the first floor in our information commons area. This nice and large room with LCD can be reserved easily and quickly online.

2nd Floor Quiet Zone     Thu, 2013-05-16

Thank you for the signs around the second floor making it a "quiet zone". I think this has drastically reduced the volume and it also makes it much easier to ask students to be quieter. However, there have been multiple instances of library staff walking together talking at full volume on the second floor (outside of study rooms). I do not feel comfortable asking the library staff to be quiet - could you please pass along the message that the quiet culture on the second floor should apply to everyone!


Library Response

Thank you for the comment. We appreciate it. And we are happy to hear your experience that our 2nd floor quiet campaign has made a notable difference. Our survey with student users back in 2011 indicated a high interest amongst CU Anschutz students that the library declare a quiet floor and so far second floor seems a good choice.

It makes perfect sense that patrons in our library would feel uncomfortable asking library staff to quiet down. That said, please know you should always feel free to do so. I am glad you decided to submit this comment via Tell Us. We in the library feel the quiet culture for second floor applies to ourselves as well. We will strive to remind ourselves in staff meetings to make a greater effort at being quieter on second floor and to hold off our staff conversations for our work areas instead of public space on the second floor. It is a cultural change we are striving for over time and so it is wonderful to be reminded by users like yourself so we can get better at preserving as much quiet on 2nd floor as possible. The library will continue to encourage mindfulness around this issue with all our employees.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services


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