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VisualDx     Tue, 2013-05-28

Hi, I recently used a free trial subscription to Visual Dx, and found it really helpful.  It would be nice if we could get this resource permanently!


Thank you for your feedback on VisualDx!

We are examining the usage data we collected from VisualDx trial and the subscription options.  We should make a decision fairly soon.  Stay tuned.


Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management

Thank you.
2nd Floor Quiet Zone     Thu, 2013-05-16

Thank you for the signs around the second floor making it a "quiet zone". I think this has drastically reduced the volume and it also makes it much easier to ask students to be quieter. However, there have been multiple instances of library staff walking together talking at full volume on the second floor (outside of study rooms). I do not feel comfortable asking the library staff to be quiet - could you please pass along the message that the quiet culture on the second floor should apply to everyone!


Thank you for the comment. We appreciate it. And we are happy to hear your experience that our 2nd floor quiet campaign has made a notable difference. Our survey with student users back in 2011 indicated a high interest amongst CU Anschutz students that the library declare a quiet floor and so far second floor seems a good choice.

It makes perfect sense that patrons in our library would feel uncomfortable asking library staff to quiet down. That said, please know you should always feel free to do so. I am glad you decided to submit this comment via Tell Us. We in the library feel the quiet culture for second floor applies to ourselves as well. We will strive to remind ourselves in staff meetings to make a greater effort at being quieter on second floor and to hold off our staff conversations for our work areas instead of public space on the second floor. It is a cultural change we are striving for over time and so it is wonderful to be reminded by users like yourself so we can get better at preserving as much quiet on 2nd floor as possible. The library will continue to encourage mindfulness around this issue with all our employees.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services

Thank you.
Apple TV Hookups     Tue, 2013-05-14

Apple TV hookups in the lecture rooms and library would greatly facilitate learning and teaching, as many iPads IOS system are not recognized by the older video screens.

Thank you


Thank you for your feedback.

We will explore the options and consider the pricing of various methods to make our TVs work with iPads.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT

Thank you.
Pencil Sharpner     Thu, 2013-05-09

“Time for a new pencil sharpener (or 2). Please!”

Thank you for your comment.

We have inventoried our pencil sharpeners for public use, found a couple additional spots where they should be but are not, and we checked & tested the ones we had. The unit on the service desk does seem out of shape and is not working very well. We plan to order some new sharpeners and change out the bad one soon. Thanks for letting us know.


Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services


Thank you.
IT Outage     Wed, 2013-04-24

It was very inconsiderate to shut down the internet and library resources yesterday. Many schools are preparing for finals and need these resources available. Additionally these resources are up today but running extremely slow. Please consider this before planning another update to the system. Most school have summer vacation within 2 weeks.

Thank you.

I think it is a bit ridiculous that the library website will be down for an entire day.  In case you didn't realize its the end of the semester and some students might actually have work to do.  I am sure you have neccessary updates/maintainence/etc but the logical thing to do would be to wait till the end of finals.

The P3 class has a big exam on Monday the 29th, so not being able to use the Library resources this Sunday is a major setback.  Please move the service date!

University IT Services regrets any disruption that the network outage may cause this Sunday, April 24, 2013.  The outage is necessary to perform needed upgrades to our network infrastructure.  Many stake-holders, vendors, technicians and support staff are on hand for this scheduled upgrade and the time/date was chosen with those complex schedules in mind.  IT Services will do their best to complete the project as quickly as possible and restore network connectivity.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  The library will be open until midnight on Sunday, 24th, so hopefully you will be able to utilize our services and resources later in the day that day.

Lori Williams
IT Tech II/Student Email Coordinator

Thank you.
Flashing Lights    

How about inform your so-called security at the library that people might get out before closing if they didn't turn the lights out while people are trying to pack up their belongings - not helpful!!!

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate what you are saying and realize our routine may be distracting if not slightly annoying. In some ways the process is designed to be distracting in order to alert users that the library is closing. Flashing of lights is a common practice by many libraries in their closing procedures. We find it necessary in order to help students and other library customers exit on time. It is intended to grab the attention of various people throughout our large building and on all three floors. Many users have reported not always hearing the announcements so we make several; some users are in parts of the library where the PA system does not reach too well or are in closed study rooms and they do not hear the closing announcement at all. Some users may have headphones on, and of course different folks have different levels of hearing. We have found the visual of the lights flicking on and off helpful. To reach everyone we can to help them prepare to pack up and exit by closing time, the library feels the routine is necessary. Unless circumstances on a particular evening require it our procedure is to run the flashing lights sequence only once and usually ten or fifteen minutes prior to close of the library. I will look into the sequence of the flashing routine and see if we can shorten it a bit or reduce the amount of time the lights are off in the process.

Please contact me with additional comments or other questions anytime. Thank you.

Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services, 303-724-2139.

iPhone update 6.1.3    

The library website is no longer accessible through Safari on iPhones (at least on the iPhone 5).  Instead, a message appears stating that too many redirects have occurred.  I asked a friend to check it out too, and they had the same problem.  I was able to get on the website with my phone earlier this past week.  Did something change?



We had several reports of this problem ("too many redirects") on users' iPhones on Sunday, and we're wondering if it is related to an update issued by Apple.  In searching the Internet we found several reports of this occurring in the past with Safari. 

Here is our advice of a fix:
Tap Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings

If this problem occurs in the MacOS version of Safari we saw this advice:
Delete cookies and browser history, then try loading the site again.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head Library, IT



On behalf of the inquiring nursing students: Thank you very much for the addition of NCLEX in the Exam Master.

Thanks for letting us know that nursing students are finding the NCLEX practice exams in ExamMaster to be useful!  We added this resource after receiving requests from students, so definitely let us know if there are other items that would assist you.


Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director


Thank you.
Library Safety    

There has been a steady increase of non-students who patronize the library.  My friends and I are concerned about the students' well being and the safety of our possessions.  Are we safe?  Thank you.

Thank you for your comment and we appreciate your concerns.

The amount of non-University users from the public who come into our library building ebbs and flows during the year and can vary.  Because our library was built with State funding, the facility is a public building and the general public are allowed to be in the library.  The Health Sciences Library is also open to the public as part of the University's mission and the library's role.

As theft is always a risk for any of us on this campus, personal belongings should never be left unattended and we discourage our library users from doing so.  Occasionally we have signs up about this and staff will sometimes leave little warning notes on personal belongings to alert users that thieves can be quick to grab anything left unattended.

We are all concerned about safety and so our library leadership team will follow up with campus police about this topic to get their assistance and advice.  Safety concerns can be taken to campus police because they provide security for the campus, and of course anytime you perceive imminent threat or crimes occuring you should call campus police at 303-724-4444.  The University provides crime statistics on the UCD website.  This is part of the Clery Act, see  Since moving into the library back in 2007 neither library users or staff have suffered from anything grave and the library has had little to no serious incidents.

Our library leadership is always available to speak with you and listen to your concerns.


Library Administration

Head of Access Services
Douglas Stehle  303-724-2139

Deputy Director
Melissa De Santis 303-724-1748

Thank you.
Electronic versions of audio/VHS materials    

I have noticed that you have cassettes and VHS in your collection.  Unfortunately, I no longer have the equipment to play these materials.  Is it possible to have either an electronic/CD/DVD version of these materials.  Materials in question: Cardiac Auscultations (WG 140-141).

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for this comment!  Knowing that cardiac auscultations in a current file format would be useful to our users, we will look for newer versions of these types of programs to add to the collection.  If there are other topics you'd like to see in different media formats, just let us know.

The library does have VCRs available at the desk too, if you wanted to watch one of the VHS items in the library.


Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director




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