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VMware     Sun, 2012-08-19

I would like to put in a complaint about the VMware set up for the computers in the library.  I have had 4 different occasions where I have lost all my work from accidentally touching a "minimize" button on the top bar for VM on the screen.  If you can change the location of this VMware toolbar that would be great.  Otherwise, I would like instruction how to regain the screen after accidentally touching this minimize button.  I am happy to show any of the IT staff.  When I have asked the staff before nobody knew how to reverse the problem.  Thank you for your time.  I prefer to use these computers because the desk space is bigger than the other section where the computers do not have VMware.

Thank you for registering your complaint and letting us know of the problems you have had losing your work.  We deeply regret these occurrences, and I believe I might have been one of the staff that tried to help you with this before I knew the background of the problem or what the solution is.

It turns out that hitting the "Minimize" button on certain of our new VMWare workstations cause the screen to go black.  Hitting Alt-Tab brings back the screen, but this is not obvious in any way.  Rebooting the workstation will lose your work, as I'm afraid happened to you in this case, but hitting Alt-Tab before rebooting very likely would have brought back your session.

This only affects some of the VMWare workstations, meaning older computers that have been reconfigured.  It does not affect the small standalone WYSE units.

We have made staff aware of this issue, and included it on the instruction sheet we have on the public workstation "pods" right next to the workstations.  However, we are now going to go and put yellow tape on the monitors with clear instructions - "Black screen? Hit ALT-TAB."  We hope that this helps to avoid these kind of situations in the future. 

Jeff Kuntzman, Head Library IT
Thank you.
Top Resources     Tue, 2012-08-28

Please list Medscape Reference as a top resource on the homepage.

Thank you for providing us this feedback.

The library has a draft policy about the resources we place in our "Top Resources" area on the library home page.  Basically, the resources we list there are those that are most highly used.  While Medscape appears to be an excellent resource, it does not approach the usage levels of the other links we currently place in our Top Resources.  In past versions of the library web site, we received tremendous feedback from users that our home page interface was too hard to use because we were providing too many links to too many resources. 

We do list Medscape in our Databases list, and a search in the upper right of our web site search box brings back one quick hit for Medscape. 

We revisit this issue from time-to-time and will continue to consider it.

Jeff Kuntzman, Head of Library IT


Thank you.
Parking     Thu, 2012-08-16

I had to pay for 1 hour of parking to return a book.  Ridiculous!  This is a commuter campus, please have free 5 minute parking for Library.

Thank you for your comment. Parking is a challenge for all sorts of folks coming to the AMC.

There is a drive-up book drop available at the PASCAL building here on the AMC. PASCAL is the library's high density storage facility. Next to its garage and back door there is a library book return where HSL materials can be dropped. It is more accessible by car. PASCAL is located behind and east of Education 2 North. See map.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services
Thank you.
The Appendix Newsletter     Thu, 2012-08-16

I subscribe to the library newsletter the Appendix.  When I forward it from my school email to work, it stripped to simple text.  No problem (I thought).  I will just visit online.  While I can find the Appendix link, "current issue" links to December 2011.  I want to be able to read May 2012 in all its glory.

You make a good point.  We're happy that you like the Appendix, and thanks for reminding us that we were getting behind on our web site.  The Appendix moved to a new format in 2012, becoming a compilation of articles written in our news blog. 

Although we plan to make "archived issues" for our web site once again, which will compile two months' worth of Appendix articles, at the moment we are focused on trying to bring up our new library web site.  For now we have implemented a temporary fix - if you click the "Current Issue" from our Appendix Newsletter web page, you will now get to the archive of Appendix news blog items that are arranged with the newest items first.

We hope this makes it easier for you to read the Appendix in all its glory.

Thank you for using Tell Us.

Jeff Kuntzman, Head of Library IT    
Thank you.
Closed on Memorial Day     Wed, 2012-05-30

Hello!  I am a medical student and am a bit disappointed that the library hours could not coincide more with our examinations.  Today is Monday, Memorial day, and we have our last big test of the school year on Wednesday, and I felt that providing the library as a quiet, focused place to study would have been useful a few days before the tests.  Even just making it badge access only would be fine so you can save money on staffing, just so long as we have access to it as a study space.  I also noticed the adjusted finals schedule earlier in the semester when the library would be open for 24 hours for a week or so at a time for "finals schedule" for other health professions schools.  You have obviously accomodated other health profession school students with their exam schedules, and since we medical students make up such a large portion of the student body it does not seem unreasonable to request to coordinate with our exam schedules too so that we may have a quiet place to study.  Many of us have kids or spouses that make studying at home distracting, and can likewise not focus in a coffee shop where there is noise.  I really wish the library could have been open for us on Memorial Day, and provide longer hours close to when we have exams.  As a facility that fosters learning, I should think that the library would make its rooms available for studying for medical school exams.  The education 1 and 2 buildings can get somewhat loud also, and on holidays such as memorial day they do not regulate the temperature and that makes for an uncomfortable study environment.

Thanks for submitting this comment about the Health Sciences Library being closed on Memorial Day.  The library sets hours once a year, usually in June for the fiscal year which runs July 1 - June 30.  We consult the multiple academic calendars for the campus when drafting library hours.  This is a complicated process because each School or College has their own calendar and within each School or College the calendars vary from year to year.  You mentioned being a student in the School of Medicine and that School has four different calendars.  It was our understanding that all exams would be over by May 25 and closing the library for the Memorial Holiday would not be a problem.  However, from your comment it sounds like this was not the case.  As we work on library hours for fiscal year 2012-2013 we'll review our contacts with School of Medicine to make sure we have the correct calendars. 

Regarding the extended hours for final exams, that was a pilot the library ran in March and again in May at the request of ASAC.  During the pilot, the library was open continuously from a Sunday morning until a Friday evening.  ASAC funded the pilot and so the Library worked with ASAC to set the dates for extended hours.  We drafted potential dates for extended hours and then ASAC approved them.  I'm not sure what year you are in School of Medicine but you might also want to follow up with your ASAC representatives.

If you have additional questions just let me know - thanks.

Melissa De Santis 303-724-1748
Deputy Director
American Flag     Wed, 2012-05-23

I noticed today that the library does not have an American flag on display.  Is this something that could be added to the building to show patriotism?

Thanks for this suggestion!  We also like it and are gathering information to see if this is something we can do.  We are checking with others on campus and once we have more information we'll post it here. 

Thanks again,

Melissa De Santis  303-724-1748
Deputy Director 
Recyling     Mon, 2010-01-04

Is recycling in the library being mixed with trash during collection or handled separately by the custodians? I am concerned.

Thank you for writing us and sharing your concern about recycling. I have forwarded these concerns to the housekeeping supervisor so that the custodians may be reminded about the importance of recycling in the library.

Assistant to the Director.     303-724-2138
Thank you.
Book drops and Parking     Sun, 2010-01-03

Please place accessible book drops around the library. Book drops need to be able to be accessed by car. It is ridiculous to have to pay to park to drop off a book. Otherwise, the library is great!

Parking here at the library is so difficult. First you have to park, then walk to pay, then walk back to your car, then make the trek to the library entrance. This needs to be done even if returning books. You had at least 2 book drop boxes where you do not need to park at the old library. Since the weather was so wet and cold today the issue became clear.

Need a drive-by book drop - paying to park to drop off a book is not right! Love the facility otherwise!

Thank you for your comment. Parking is a challenge for all sorts of folks coming to the AMC. Our main concern with additional book drops revolves around cost and need. Generally speaking book circulation is decreasing in our library and the volume of returned material is modest. In addition, book returns for outdoor purposes are not inexpensive and the staffing required to empty them regularly presents a challenge. As the campus evolves, we continue to look at the issue.

There is a drive-up book drop available at the PASCAL building here on the AMC. PASCAL the library's high density storage facility. Next to its garage and back door there is a library book return where HSL materials can be dropped. It is more accessible by car. PASCAL is located behind and east of Education 2 North. See map.

Head of Access Services.     303-724-2139.
Thank you.


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