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Laptops     Tue, 2012-12-04

The laptop checkout is really convenient and I appreciate that the library provides this service! I would like to suggest that future laptop purchases include more MacBook Pros, as the majority of students are Mac users and there is often a shortage of Macs to be checked out. Another alternative would be to purchase PCs of comparable quality because the current dells are bulky/outdated. Thank you.

Thank you very much for this feedback!  We are glad you like our laptop checkout service. 

Earlier this year,we added two additional checkout devices in response to a request from the Academic Support Advisory Committee (which is composed of student representatives).  One was a Macbook Air and one was a recent Dell laptop.  ASAC funds were used to make the purchases.

We also extended the checkout period to two days for students, and we've been promoting the service a bit more.  Our data indicates that all the devices we have are circulating quite heavily, from Macbooks to iPads to Dell models.  In regards to what we buy, we go on the data we have.  In 2011, we surveyed students about library services in general,and we asked the Mac vs. PC question with regard to what students prefer:  52% said PC, 31% said Mac, 17% said "no preference." 

We will continue to track circulation data as well as student comments and feedback, making use of that data to purchase more devices if and when funds become available.  We'll also continue to consider weight and form factor in the devices we select. 

Thank you.

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT



Hot Water Dispenser     Sat, 2012-12-01

Can we get a hot water dispenser in the library? It would be nice to have hot water for tea while in the library. Since we have a coffee machine, it seems only fair that tea drinkers get representation. It would be a wonderful holiday gift from the library to its patrons!

At this time we are not prepared to put a hot water machine in the building for public use.  It is a bit inconvenient, but there is a microwave to heat up your water.

I have checked with the vending machine company who controls the coffee machine to see if there is any way to set up the vending machine where one of the selections would be hot water only (and of course at no charge). 

I just received a response in return in which they said it is not possible to do this.

Thank you for your comment.

Deb Silva
Library Administration


Carpets     Sun, 2012-11-25

Please steam clean the carpets and upholstery in the group study rooms.  They are so dirty!  Thanks

The study rooms do get a lot of use (and abuse).  The Campus contracted cleaning company is working on cleaning the carpeting in all of the study rooms.  They started with the first floor rooms and are working their way up to the third floor.  This process takes some time because we are open to the public seven days a week and they need time to dry the carpeting before people walk on it again.  I am hoping that they will be able to complete the carpet cleaning during the days the library is closed over the holidays.

Thank you for your comment as we do know it looks unsightly.

Deb Silva                                                                                                                                                     
Library Administration



Microwave     Thu, 2012-11-08

Please clean the microwave daily. Thanks

Thank you for your comment.  The library purchased the microwave as requested by the student body, with the intention of the students maintaining the cleanliness of both the microwave and the refrigerator.  Neither of these appliances fall under the scope of duties with the library or custodial staff.  However, for your convenience, a paper towel dispenser and spray cleaner will be available soon for your usage.

Thank you.

Tami Hoegerl
Library Technician


Staplers     Thu, 2012-10-11

Can the library provide more reliable staplers at the printing stations?  Some existing staplers don't staple more than two pages.

Although, there are some at the front desk it is inconvenient to print at one place and go somewhere else to staple.  I think we are in that day-and-age where staplers on campus should be more available for students.  If there's an issue of losing/theft, then there has to be a way to secure it to the tables or even getting an electronic stapler that can do the job as well.  On the similar complaint note: some of the 3-hole punches are messy at the printing station.

Thank you for your comment.

It seems like they don't make staplers the way they used to.  They have been wearing out or breaking at a rather surprising rate this past year due to the high use they are receiving.

I am presently reviewing staplers to see if we can find a more durable brand for placement at te printing stations.

You should see some new staplers shortly.  I am hopeful that we will find a reliable brand that will meet the needs of all of our patrons.

Roy Robinson
Library Technician

Suggestion for book purchase     Sun, 2012-11-04

Please buy the most recent edition of Janeways Immunobiology.

Thank you for your comment.

We do have a procedure in place on requesting resources for the library's collection.  If you click on the link below  suggest an item to be added  and complete the form as requested, the Collection Development will review the request.  They rely on the Health Sciences faculty, staff, and students for suggestions regarding their information needs. 

Tami Hoegerl
Library Technician




Pubmed on HSL website     Wed, 2012-10-31

Are you aware that the hslibrary website is unable to parse standard JAMA-format citations? E.g. when "N Engl J Med 2012; 367" is pasted into the "Pubmed Search" the only thing that it sends to Pubmed is "N Engl J Med 2012" and everything after the semicolon (volume, page numbers) gets dropped. It makes the website basically useless for pulling up specific articles and I only use it to get to Pubmed with Article Linker.

Thank you for this feedback.

The Pubmed search form that we offer on the HS Library website is meant for convenient quick searches, rather than as a replacement for Pubmed itself. If you are doing a lot of this type of searching, we suggest you bookmark Pubmed with our custom AMC Pubmed URL and use that as your starting point.

Punctuation in citation information causes problems for both native Pubmed searches and searches via our search box on our home page Pubmed search launcher. Removing punctuation should help greatly. Pubmed’s Single Citation Matcher is also an option to consider when seeking known citations. Our Head of Education and Reference, Lisa Traditi, has replied directly to you with further detail and pointers on how you might wish to search citations in Pubmed.

Jeff Kuntzman
IT Dept Head


Library's new thin client     Thu, 2012-10-11

I'm just a student about to graduate, so what I have to say wouldn't help me too much, but I hope it will help the library improve.  Perhaps I'm just impatient, but the new Thin Client interphase feels very slow.  There is a lag in everything that I'm doing.  Initially I thought it might be the computer, but it was the same even after hopping over to another workstation.  What we had before were so much faster.  I'm just wondering why spend more student tuition to get something that doesn't work as well as what we had in the past.  On the contrary, I'm not seeing what the library is hoping to achieve in this new interphase.  That's just my evaluation of trying this new set up today.  Good luck with the innovations.

We really appreciate your feedback.  While we understand there is a slower login time with the new clients, our own experience and feedback from most student users is that once the systems are logged in, performance is very competitive if not better than the older desktops.  I would like to better understand which applications you have been using on the thin client machines and if they seemed consistently slow to you.

As to the rationale behind implementing thin client workstations, there are many cost effectve benefits.  As you may have noticed we are repurposing many of our old Dell tower machines as "not-so thin" thin clients that would otherwise need to be replaced with new PC's, a substantial investment.These old machines will be slowly phased out with the Wyse thin clients at a very small fraction of the cost of a desktop PC.  The energy cost savings of the tryly thin client machines is substantial.

Please let me know if you would be willing to come in and demonstrate what you have observed.

Mike Campbell
Assistant Systems Administrator



Thank you.
Library's New Website     Tue, 2012-10-09

The black background looks sharp, though the "ask us" and "tell us" bubbles are a step backward - they are so pixelated that they look very dated.

Ultimately, the thing that would really help the web page would be to streamline the complicated search functionality (I don't think the "find it" search has ever produced a useful result).


Thank you very much for providing us feedback on the preview of the library's new website.  Regarding the Ask Us/Tell Us buttons, can you give me a little more detail of how you viewed the site?  Perhaps you can tell me what device you were using (handheld, phone, PC, Mac?) and if PC or Mac, what resolution were you set at (for example, 800x600, 1650x1080, etc.)

If it appears pixelated we will endeavor to sharpen up the image.  I tested at 800x600 pixels, and agree that at that resolution, the icons look pixelated.

We're sorry to hear that you haven't found FindIt to be useful.  There are definitely certain things FindIt works better for than others.  For example, FindIt does not do well locating e-journals by title.  We have begun a project with the vendor that provides FindIt to improve that functionality.  It would be great if you could give examples of some searches you tried that were unsuccessful so we could use them for troubleshooting.

Jeff Kuntzman
IT Department Head
Thank you.
Japanese Sleeping Cubicles     Sat, 2012-10-27

I would appreciate if there were "japanese sleeping cubicles" for students, that way they would not occupy study rooms to sleep.  It will show tech-trendiness as well.  Thank you kindly.


Thank you for this comment.  It is unlikely that the library will be installing sleeping cubicles - although they are very cool!  However library staff can ask sleeping users to vacate study rooms if you need to use a room that they are occupying.  Just let us know at the desk which room you need that has someone sleeping in it.

Here is how I see this being enforced by library staff:

 * Library staff do nothing unless a user asks them to (meaning library staff do not have to patrol the building looking for sleeping people).
* A single user can only ask library staff to "evict" sleeping people in individual study rooms.
*A group can ask to have a sleeping person "evicted" from group study rooms.

* This only applies to rooms with doors (meaning people can sleep in the library, we just would prefer they do not sleep in the study rooms because those rooms are at a premium).

 Melissa DeSantis, Deputy Director
Thank you.


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