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ILL     Mon, 2013-11-04

Hi. Thanks for ILL! I did have a bad experience recently though, where the person cancelled my request saying it was available online.

Since I was unable to locate it, would ILL be so kind as to send me the article anyway?

Thank you for contacting the library through Tell Us.  It is difficult to reply to anonymous comments, but if you would like to discuss your concern with the Interlibrary Loan Department, please contact them at 303-724-2111.

Thank you.

Nell Able


Thank you.
Men's Restroom     Mon, 2013-10-28

Could someone check out the toilet in the men's bathroom on the north end of 1st floor?  It flushes with such force as to create a bidet and I have to run for cover after flushing to avoid being sprayed with toilet water.  Thanks!

Thank you for your comment.  We have called Facilities to turn the pressure down.

Debra Silva
Assistant to the Director

Thank you.
Graduate Program Info Update     Thu, 2013-10-03

Hi- I noticed on the following page that the contact information for the graduate programs is out of date.  I can supply you with an updated list.


Thank you.

Thank you.
EndNote     Thu, 2013-09-26

I saw that you are offering EndNote classes. You might consider adding a class on  We have found this technology to be very useful and wish more researchers would use it.  It works wonderfully with LaTex/BibTex and can import EndNote data.  Great for research collaboration and free!



There are many options for reference and reprint management and citing available to our campus.  Generally, support for applications is based on whether we have Library staff trained to help users with those options.   

We offer regularly scheduled classes when we find there is interest in learning in a group setting.  We don't currently offer a regularly scheduled Zotero class since there wasn't enough interest to meet minimum enrollments when we offered the class in the past. 

But we do support Zotero users.  Zotero users who need training or support can contact Ask Us  to set up a consultation.  We generally have one or two requests a year for training or assistance with Zotero. 

Small groups that are interested in Zotero training can request a special class session

We also offer training and support for EndNote Basic, a cloud based reference management and citing tool.  We recommend that students use EndNote Basic since it is free and easy to access. Anyone who needs assistance with EndNote Basic should also set up a consultation through Ask Us

And we offer training and support for EndNote, a desktop application that is very popular on campus. We find that our EndNote classes always make minimum enrollments, so we will continue to offer them. 

Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian


Thank you.
Customer Service     Thu, 2013-09-26

Amanda was so helpful!

I'm a visiting grad student & don't understand this library as well, it's nice to interact w/happy & knowledgeable people. 

We are pleased to hear that you were happy and satisfied with the service you received during your visit to the Health Sciences Library.    We’ve been able to make wonderful additions to our staff over the years, and we are extremely pleased with our new hire Amanda.   We strive to always deliver patrons the best customer service experience possible and it’s great to hear when we hit the mark.  Thank you for your comment.



David M. Martinez
Circulation –Access Services Manager

Thank you.
Blackboard     Tue, 2013-09-10

I am a traditional nursing student and will graduate December 2013.  I still have classes on blackboard but the new library website offers no link to those of us that have to use blackboard.  It would be fair to provide us a link until all classes have switched.  Please add one.


Thank you very much for your suggestion! I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience not having the Blackboard link may have caused. We've just now added Blackboard to our header and it links to 

Please let us know if you'd being willing to participate in future usability studies. We're planning on conducting usability testing in September. 

Again, thank you for your feedback and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Vivienne Houghton
Web Services Librarian


Thank you.
Group Study Rooms     Tue, 2013-09-10

All group rooms occupied - only two with 2 or more people.  Our small group couldn't find a room.

Thank you for your comment.

I think the library will update the signage on these rooms to make the options, everyone’s rights, and our policy more clear. Our policy is that group study rooms are first-come, first-serve and can be used by individuals as well as groups. However, groups take priority. The signage on the group study rooms imply this and state, “groups have priority usage over this room.” What that means in practice is that groups can bump individuals in group study rooms anytime.

In cases where an individual is using a group study room, groups have the right to knock on the door and politely ask the individual to vacate the room and give it up for the group. In cases where your group is uncomfortable with doing this or the individual refuses to give up the room upon being asked, you can always come to the first floor service desk for assistance. Library staff will request and direct the individual to give up the room for the group.

We should all strive (library patrons, students and library staff) to be courteous, polite and understanding with each other when conflict over space emerges. Groups have priority usage of the group study rooms, and there are plenty of open tables and quiet areas for individuals to do their work and study.

Please be aware that group study room 1305 on the first floor is available for reservations in advance and this may help some groups plan and insure you can have a group room. Make your reservation at

Please contact me about this anytime,, 303-724-2139. Thank you and we appreciate your input.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services

First Floor Noise     Tue, 2013-09-10

First floor of the library seemed to be more of a convention center than a library.  A student course was assembling in front of the teaching labs, demonstrating reckless, inconsiderate, noisy behavior.  I understand that the 2nd floor is the quiet floor, but I also believe that certain rules of behavior should apply throughout the library.  Please let me know what you are going to do about this....

Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry that you were disturbed by noise in the library. We agree that certain rules of behavior apply throughout the library. The library’s Conduct Policy spells out such expectations and indicates everyone using the library should be sensitive to ensuring an atmosphere conducive to study. If library staff at our service desk are made aware of noise, we are glad to step in and ask others to lower their voices. In addition, library users are encouraged to self-police and in future situations you have every right to politely ask others to keep their voices down.

The library serves many purposes for the University in addition to quiet study. The facility is a signature building on campus and is included on campus tours. The three computer teaching labs are used by many on campus for hands-on instruction. There are large meetings rooms within the building that are heavily scheduled. Many meetings and group study sessions take place within the building. Since most of the meeting spaces are on the 1st and 3rd floors, the 2nd floor has been converted to a quiet floor. Additionally, computers were added to a room on the 2nd floor for CU Anschutz users if they require a computer in a quieter location.

I’m glad to discuss this topic at your convenience. I work 8am to 5pm during weekdays. You can ask for me at the service desk or contact me ( to schedule a time to chat.

Head of Access Services     303-724-2139
Conference Room 3203     Mon, 2013-09-09

Can we reopen the third floor conference room for student use when it's not actually being used by the consulting company? We have been dealing with a shortage of study rooms during peak study hours as it is. 

Also, when students need the room most tends to be after business hours when other organizations would be least likely to need it.

Thank you for the suggestion.  Library Administration will be happy to pursue this idea with McKinsey.  We will seek maximum flexibility. 

Thank you for your interest in the Library!  Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns - 303-724-2133, by e-mail at or stop by for a visit in Library Administration.  My office is on the 3rd floor, west side of the building.

Jerry Perry
HSL Director

Thank you.
Conference Room 3203     Mon, 2013-09-09

Recently I was informed that room 3203 will be used indefinitely by a consulting firm. While I appreciate the fact that the library is open to the public, there is already a shortage of rooms with equipment (tv's and projectors) that enable CU students to study the lecture powerpoints as a group. It is fine to allow outside organizations to use the facilities from time to time; but with the rooms in Ed1 and Ed2 already full, and the number of students on campus increasing, the library is an increasingly vital for our education. We already have a shortage of study space on campus. Allowing indefinite, non-academic usage of space constructed specifically for students adversely affects our learning.

On a different note, I want to emphasize how amazing the staff is at the library. They are incredibly professional, helpful and nice. Since last semester, I have been consistently coming here four to six times a week; that entire time there has never been a single negative interaction. In fact, the complaint I give above is the only negative experience I have ever had here. 

In a way, I want the space to be available so that my study partner and I can keep coming.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and concerns about the use of Rm 3203.  The consulting firm, McKinsey, has been officially engaged by the University of Colorado System to conduct a thorough review of the research activities occurring on all CU campuses, including ours, and due to the breadth and scope of the initiative the term of engagement is expected to last a year.  The Library was identified as a good location due to the accessibility of the building.  The space will be used as a site where the consultants can meet with campus administration, faculty and graduate students.  The space also has the correct technology set-up to allow the consultants to work with CU personnel on the other campuses.  Library Administration determined that of all the meeting rooms in the Library that may be scheduled by affiliated groups, Rm 3203 was the best as it is the least-used meeting room in the building.

 At the Library we are aware of the demand for study space, the growing class size, and the desire for access to technology.  Staff are available to assist all customers find a room in which to work, including rooms outfitted with the technology that is needed.  We are also considering how to increase the volume and quality of our study spaces; we recently renovated former vending and printer rooms to create three additional study rooms.  Last year we purchased additional flat panel monitors for rooms that lacked them and hope to buy more, budget allowing.

I hope these comments provide additional information and context.  I am happy to discuss this or any other matter – please feel free to connect with me by phone  at 303-724-2133, by e-mail at or stop by for a visit in Library Administration.  My office is on the 3rd floor, west side of the building.


Thank you for using the Library and for your concern. 


Thank you.


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