The Strauss Committee Nomination Form

The Strauss Committee is a valuable advisory group to the library. Its members include clinicians, researchers, educators, library donors, and librarians from the UCD-AMC campus, the downtown Auraria campus, and the community. They have expertise in different fields including botanical medicine, integrative medicine, manipulative practices, and mind-body medicine. The overall goal of the committee is to provide information on non-conventional health practices to the health care community through the Strauss-Wisneski Indigenous and Integrative Medicine Collection and events associated with it. Specific activities that committee members have been involved with include: planning of the Strauss Lectures, suggestion of books and other materials for the collection; advisement on the direction and mission of the collection; and keeping the library informed about the most current practices or trends in the field. We are always looking for dedicated and knowledgeable professionals to join the committee. If you are interested yourself or know someone who is, please submit information using the form below, and email a CV to Any questions, contact, 303-724-2124.

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