Bicycle Access & Parking

There are bicycle racks at the south side of the library building. If these are full, there are other bicycle parking racks scattered around the Anschutz Medical Campus.

While the directions above are designed for automobiles, cyclists on the library staff  recommend several general routes to approach the campus without riding on busy streets like Colfax or Peoria.

  • Sand Creek Greenway connects to Fitszimons Parkway via the Toll Gate Creek trail.
  • Montview Boulevard has wide shoulders and bike lanes from Denver's City Park to campus.
  • 17th Avenue is an alternative to Montview Boulevard, though its shoulders are often narrow and it has no bike lanes.
  • North Potomac Street in Aurora leads straight into Fitzsimons Parkway and provides good access from the south side of campus. It also connects to the D-10/DIA Denver area bike route.

The Denver Bike Map from the Denver city government's Bicycle Program is very useful for planning your route. Google Bike Maps may also be of use.