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Unnatural Causes

Unnatural Causes: Is inequality making us sick?
A seven-part documentary series exploring racial and social inequities in health. Produced by the California Newsreel organization. (View trailer)

  1. Chapter 1: In Sickness and In Wealth 
    (56 min.) How does the distribution of power, wealth and resources shape opportunities for health?
  2. Chapter 2: When the Bough Breaks 
    (29 min.) Can racism become embedded in the body and affect birth outcomes?
  3. Chapter 3: Becoming American 
    (29 min.) Latino immigrants arrive healthy, so why don’t they stay that way?
  4. Chapter 4: Bad Sugar 
    (29 min.) What are the connections between diabetes, oppression, and empowerment in two Native American communities?
  5. Chapter 5: Place Matters 
    (29 min.) Why is your street address such a strong predictor of your health? 
  6. Chapter 6: Collateral Damage 
    (29 min.) How do Marshall Islanders pay for globalization and U.S. military policy with their health?
  7. Chapter 7: Not Just a Paycheck 
    (30 min.) Why do layoffs take such a huge toll in Michigan but cause hardly a ripple in Sweden?

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Materials about the Unnatural Causes series from the producer, California Newsreel: