Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination (not "new window")

Table of Contents

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination book cover



Approach to the Patient

Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Adult

Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Infant

Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Child

Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Older Adult

General Survey and Vital Signs

Examination of the Skin

Head, Eyes, and Ears

Nose, Mouth, and Neck

Thorax and Lungs

Cardiovascular System

Peripheral Vascular System

Breasts and Axillae


Male Genitalia, Hernias, Rectum, and Prostate

Female Genitalia, Anus, and Rectum

Musculoskeletal System

The Nervous System: Cranial Nerves and Motor System

The Nervous System: Sensory System and Reflexes

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