Library Wishes 2014

Library Wishes

If the Library Genie granted you three library wishes, what would they be? From Sept 2 – 22, 2014, we asked our users to let us know! We were thrilled to receive 152 submissions for a total of 349 wishes!

The wishes can be viewed below. Additionally, if a wish could be “granted” right now, that information is included in the Comment column.

The most popular types of wishes were for:

  • Additions to the library’s collection – a book, journal, database, or other type of resource
  • Additional study rooms
  • Open 24/7 -- which the library has granted!

The library first started soliciting wishes in 2013 as part of our strategic planning process. The 2013 Wishes we received were outstanding, so we asked for wishes again in 2014. In 2013, we received 108 submissions for a total of 254 wishes.

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Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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I wish for later hours. (1am on weeknights and 7pm on Saturday).



Wish granted! Starting Oct 13, the library building will be available 24/7 to CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students. You will need to have your campus ID to enter and remain in the building.

wishes granted, hours

more extensive access to accesspharmacy resources

collection requests, databases

Cubicles/rooms that I could use for a day, potential to lock the door so I can leave my computer for few minutes.

study rooms

I really love those walk-study machines. They supersede the awesomeness of sliced bread.





Wishes granted! The library will be open 24/7 starting Oct 13 for CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students. More information is available on the library blog. (

wishes granted, hours

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Office 365 download for a discount (if not free)

computer software

Have desk lamps in the study rooms (or lamps available to bring into the study rooms)!!! The flourescent lights are very hard on the eyes.

More study rooms. There is a lot of 'wasted space' in the library and I often can't find a study room.

Longer hours!

Wish #3 granted! The library will be open 24/7 starting Oct 13 for CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students. More information is available on the library blog. (

study rooms, wishes granted, facility, furniture, hours

desk lamps at tables

more study rooms

more lounge/ laid back areas to study

furniture, relaxation and fun, study rooms

availability of computers at standing desks

Faster time when ordering through prospector. Or better navigation of site to choose locations which will have a faster response (ie closer)

More leisure books (mysteries!)

collection requests, computers, furniture, Prospector, relaxation and fun, website

Signage on group rooms telling single-studiers where they can find more appropriate but equally quiet areas. The most frustrating thing at the library is meeting someone to study with library resources, and being unable to find a space suitable for talking. Maybe employees 'enforcing' some group-only rooms?

Love the walking desks! Would love to see healthier options in the vending machines.

Day lockers. It would be great to be able to leave heavy books etc for a quick trip to the cafe or gym, or lock up valuables you're not using in order to have a more organized workspace and not worry about theft, etc.

furniture, lockers, quiet, study rooms, vending machines

I am staff, so it would be great if somehow there is library loan and I could pick up novel for my bookclub and books my kids read. I doubt that is part of the mission of this library....but if it would be great! Thank you for gathering feedback.

Wish granted! The library participates in Prospector, a unified catalog of academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. You can search Prospector (, request a book from any participating library, and have it delivered to the Health Sciences Library for free!

Prospector, relaxation and fun

More walking treadmills, but not in such public view. They are a GREAT idea and I would love to use them, but it's embarrassing to use them in front of other people.


PLEASE Get Adobe Illustrator, it will be a great resource for making figures and posters for all of the students.

computer software, printing and photocopying


Guest cards? Not sure if the library would allow us to have a guest, e.g. a partner or sibling, after hours if we are staying late. But such a system would be useful if said cards would be used contingent on the vouching party's (student, staff, whomever belongs to the campus) presence.

Can I put in two votes for Adobe Illustrator?

computer software, access eligibility




Wishes granted! The library will be open 24/7 starting Oct 13 for CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students. More information is available on the library blog. (

wishes granted, hours

Move the treadmills to a more private and serene area.

Can the vending machines have coffee as well (starbucks etc)? Also healthier snacks.

Wish #2 - There is a coffee vending machine in the library, however due to the need for a water line the machine is on the opposite end of the building from all of the other vending machines. Please ask at the desk if you have trouble locating it.

furniture, vending machines, wishes granted

Student-only space (like a Student lounge) with recreational and social stuff in an area where some noise is permitted.

More single-occupant and group study rooms/carrels

Expanded access to online journals and their archives (It's surprising how many articles (especially archived ones) that cannot be accessed from campus.)

relaxation and fun, study rooms, quiet, collection requests, journals

Offer Microsoft office training, particularly Access training.

computer software classes

bouncy ball chairs

or just bouncy balls in place of chairs.

more biology books, especially development and evolution and development. Evolutionary biology is still heavily book based and there are often books I can't get access to without having to ILL them.

collection requests, furniture, textbooks

Expand Journal Access (RNA Wires)

Student fun area

collection requests, journals, relaxation and fun