Library Wishes 2013

If you could have three library wishes, what would they be?

During the month of July 2013, the Health Sciences Library asked our users to let us know what three wishes they would request from a library genie. The library staff wanted to use this information to assist in creating a new strategic plan.

The library was thrilled to receive 108 submissions for a total of 254 wishes! The most popular type of wish was for an addition to the library’s collection – a book, journal, database, or other type of resource.  The Library’s Collection Management department is researching those requests right now.

The library wanted to share all 254 wishes that were received. The wishes can be viewed below. Additionally, if a wish could be “granted” right now, that information is included in the Comment column.

The library will continue working on updating its strategic plan and are hoping to share a draft in early fall.


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Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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Access to a broader menu of Genetics related periodicals ex. Genetics in Medicine


An area with some greenery. Some plants, flowers, etc. would be nice study environment durning summer.

More lamps.

Healthy vending machine.

facility, relaxation, vending machines

Get more books and have a wider range of books. I would model it after the NC State library system: They have an interlibrary loan system called "Tripsaver" where you can borrow books from other libraries.

Subscribe to Springer Protocols. I would like to see Current Protocols in Protein Science.

Have a nicer library that incorporates newer technology as well as technology lending.

collection requests, computers, databases, interlibrary loan (ILL)

Better institutional access for iOS journal apps. For instance the app for Cell requires the library to join its institutional access list.

journals, website

Access to the "Current Protocols" series, especially Current Protocols in Immunology. They are extremely helpful in assay development and design and are excellent reference tools.

Access to more journals online, I am constantly coming across articles that we don't subscribe too.

A way to get a particular article through the library even if the university doesn't have a subscription (like a one article loan, or a temporary access code we could use). Or maybe a way to pay for individual articles with lab speed types.

Wish 3 - you can order an article via our Interlibrary Loan service. See for more infomration.

interlibrary loan (ILL), journals, wishes granted

Lexus Nexus access through our library!!! This would be soooo incredibly helpful for economic and policy papers we work on through the school of public health

more public health resources and help. Currently, the knowledge and resources are very clinically driven that there isn't a lot of support for researchers in more sociological/public health research fields.

support for other reference management systems including zotero, or cheaper software than EndNote

collection requests, computer software classes, databases, literature searches, reference management

Longer operation hours. 24/7 might be too much on this campus but, definitely at least 10-11pm.

Better cafeteria and also if it could stay open passed 3pm.

Easier system to use the photocopy machines, perhaps with cash or credit card.

café, hours, printing

Online access to more journals


My formal affiliation with CU Denver will be ending soon, but I would love to still be able to access online journals through the library

access eligibility

First of all, I want to thank you for your current services.

More hands on training options. There are already ideal subjects in your training list; alternate times would be ideal.

Additional writing center staff members and extra hours.

classes, hours, staffing

A microwave - I spend a lot of time studying there, and somewhere to heat up some food or water for some tea would be great!

There is now a microwave and fridge on each floor of the library

refrigerator, microwave, water, wishes granted

Either get the Oxford English Dictionary once again, or tell us where on line you've hidden it.

With Google Reader gone, do a course on organizing your web stuff; maybe specifically on getting the best out of Feedly, the heir apparent?

How about a course on making your web sites device friendly; what can and can't be done with a tiny smartphone screen, how to work around Apple not doing Flash, and all that jazz...

classes, collection requests, computer software classes, website

When an article is not available through our library subscription, I want to be able to send (via email ) the reference to a librarian and have the pdf emailed back to me when the article is received through inter-library loan

When an article is available in our library, but not on-inline, I want the same wish as be able to email the article I want and a pdf of that article once photocopied sent to me through e-mail.

I want wishes 1 and 2 to be free.

Wishes 1 and 2 can be granted using our interlibrary loan service. See for more information. This service is free for students due to ASAC support.

interlibrary loan (ILL), wishes granted

Easier access to course reserves.

Keep search filters from previous search when initiating a new search (e.g. currently limiting to full article online and scholarly articles, but when enter new search terms these filters are unchecked by the system)

Eliminate article linker screen if possible, it creates to many open windows when looking at several studies (e.g. library search screen, article linker screen, and finally the actual article's screen)

journals, website

longer hours. Starting earlier on the weekend and staying open later during the week.

Not turning the lights out at 11:30pm. Closing at the library is very rude. For the last half hour, the staff does not flicker the lights, they simply turn them off for 10-15 minutes. The staff constantly tells you to leave even though there is a half hour left. The staff becomes extremely rude from 11:30-midnight.

Wish 2 -The lights are programmed to flicker at closing. They should turn off three times for 20 seconds at a time. The entire process should take 2 minutes. The lights should not be off for 10 - 15 minutes. We have tested and could not replicate having them off for any longer, but we will continue to monitor.

facility, hours, staffing

Keep Up-To-Date and other web databases. They are extremely valuable in my education.

You are a library. While I realize that there is a very specific mission of a health sciences library towards catering to services that directly impact health and science education, you are none-the-less a pivotal access point to pleasure media as well. Your options in this regard are limited. I would like to see a subscription to a digital music/media service (example Rhapsody, Spotify, XM radio etc.) that could be readily accessed. Maintaining mental health and a balanced life style are stressed in every aspect of our education and having access to one of these services via a central means represents a large building block towards making this a reality and would demonstrate the university commitment to promoting this balance through more than words.

With so many listserves on campus and announcements, it's hard to tell what's actually going on on campus. It would be nice if there was a short 10-15 minute podcast that can summarize some of the major happenings on campus that could be listened to on the way to campus. I find it kind of embarrassing when people ask about something in the news from campus, but honestly it's just hard to organize everything because there is so much going on. This would be especially valuable to students who are looking for an in or a place to start regarding somebody for projects and opportunities, etc. Navigating the healthcare world can be difficult but building a sense of community on campus may be a great way to promote education and collaboration.

collection requests, databases, relaxation

more individual study space. I would argue that there are too many group study rooms and most of the time they're being used be an individual anyhow.

A system for reserving study space. Check out what DU just did at their recently re-modeled Penrose Library - it's awesome.

More individual study space.

study rooms

I wish the library would take the lead to establish a fund of money (e.g. provided by the Dean, or raised through donations) to defray the costs of making publications open access. The benefits of open access publishing are numerous; a list of benefits to the University and author are here: Several Universities (including UT and KS locally; if KS can do it, why can't we?) already provide such a fund.

budget, open access

Physical 3D models of organs, cells, molecules - everything related to any of the schools on campus.

Electronic map for open study groups: someone comes to the library to study for the pharmacy exam coming up soon and signs in near the front desk to notify other pharmacy students that an open study group has been formed in the room down the hall.

Bundled resources that can be checked out that cover everything related to a certain topic. For example, I go to the front desk of the library and ask for the "Diabetes Bundle" and am handed a box that has a book on diabetes, a guide to diabetes cooking, teaching tools for diabetes patients (posters and other visual aids, worksheets, etc.), and a model of a pancreas and pancreatic Beta-cell.

collection requests, study rooms

I wish the vending machines would come back!

I wish the vending machines had healthy options!

I wish the temperature wasn't so high!

Wish 1 - The vending machines are still here! They are reloaced near theTeaching Labs on the 1st floor

facility, vending machines