Education Assistant

Job application:

Ruby Nugent
Phone: (303)-724-2170

Description: The Education Dept. student assistant is responsible for photocopying, filing, typing, cleaning, assisting visitors and transporting audio-visual materials and equipment. This position requires providing service in a courteous and professional manner. Students may work from 8 to 20 hours per week; minimum hours may be waived by the Work Study Supervisor. Specific hours are decided by mutual agreement between the supervisor and the student when hired.


The ideal student assistant candidate who works in the Education Dept. is required to possess all of the following:

  • Orientation to detail

  • Ability to adhere to a work schedule

  • Dependability and the ability to be a self-motivated, independent learner

  • Ability to work independently once trained

  • Ability to lift library materials weighing at least 40 lbs.

  • Professional and courteous manner with staff, other student assistants and patrons


This position starts at $9.00/hour and is work study only.

Students advance through the levels by demonstrating their mastery of the duties they perform, as enumerated on the skill list for their position and their attitude as evaluated by their supervisors. Formal evaluations occur annually.

Preferred Shifts:
Tuesday/Thursday   10am - 2pm
**Will consider other shifts within Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

Contact : Ruby Nugent

Phone: (303)-724-2112    

Job application:

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