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Pain medicine

Abdi, Salahadin (AccessAnesthesiology)

Palliative medicine

Walsh, Declan (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Palliative practices

Kuebler, Kim K. (NursingConsult)

Pathophysiology of disease

McPhee, Stephen (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Patient care standards

Tucker, Susan (NursingConsult)

Patient safety and quality

Hughes, Ronda (NCBI Bookshelf)

Pediatric acute care

Reuter-Rice, Karin (R2 Digital Library -- 1 concurrent user)

Pediatric nursing

Potts, Nicki (STAT!Ref -- 2 Concurrent Users)

Pediatric patient safety in the emergency department


Krug, Steven (STAT!Ref -- 5 Concurrent Users)

Pediatric physical examination: an illustrated handbook

Duderstadt, Karen (NursingConsult)

Pediatric primary care

Burns, Catherine (NursingConsult)

Perioperative standards and recommended practices

AORN (R2 Digital Library)

Pharmaceutical care practice

Cipolle, Robert J. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacist in public health

Truong, Hoai-An (PharmacyLibrary)


Waning, Brenda (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacology: examination & board review

Trevor, Anthony (AccessPharmacy)


DiPiro, Joseph T. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacotherapy casebook

Schwinghammer, Terry L. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacotherapy in primary care

Linn, William D. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)


Generali, Joyce A. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)


Posey, L. Michael (PharmacyLibrary)

Pharmacy & federal drug law review

Kosegarten, David C. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacy management

Desselle, Shane P. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pharmacy professional's guide to resumes, CVs, & interviewing

Reinders, Thomas (PharmacyLibrary)

Pharmacy student survival guide

Nemire, Ruth E. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Physical medicine and rehabilitation board review

Cuccurullo, Sara (NCBI Bookshelf)

Physical therapy and massage for the dog

Robertson, Julia (R2 Digital Library -- One concurrent user)

Pocket guide to cultural health assessment

D'Avanzo, Carolyn (NursingConsult)

Pocket guide to diagnostic tests

Nicoll, Diana (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Pocket guide to fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance

Heitz, Ursula (NursingConsult)

Polymicrobial diseases

Brogden, Kim (NCBI Bookshelf)

Practical approach to anesthesia equipment


Dorsch, Jerry (Books@Ovid -- Unlimited Access)

Practical foot reflexotherapy

Zhou, Xin. (Books@Ovid)

Practical guide to the care of the medical patient

Ferri, Fred (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Practice of anesthesia for infants and children


Cote, Charles (ScienceDirect -- Unlimited Access)

Practice of geriatrics

Duthie, Edmund (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Practice of patient education

Redman, Barbara Klug (NursingConsult)

Primary care

Buttaro, Terry (NursingConsult)

Primary care of the child with a chronic condition

Allen, Patricia Jackson (NursingConsult)

Principles and practice of clinical electrophysiology of vision

Heckenlively, John (MIT CogNet)

Principles and practice of mechanical ventilation

Tobin, Martin (AccessAnesthesiology)

Principles and practice of pain medicine

Warfield, Carol (AccessAnesthesiology)

Principles and practice of pediatric infectious diseases

Long, Sarah (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Principles of clinical gastroenterology

Yamada, Tadataka (R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Principles of clinical pharmacology

Atkinson, Arthur J. (ScienceDirect -- Unlimited Access)

Principles of critical care

Hall, Jesse (AccessAnesthesiology)

Priorities in health

Jamison, Dean (NCBI Bookshelf)

Procedures in critical care

Hanson, C. William (AccessAnesthesiology)

Professional guide to diseases

Wolters Kluwer Health. R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Psychiatric secrets

Jacobson, James (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

PubMed Clinical Q&A

Dean, Laura (NCBI Bookshelf)
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