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C. elegans II

Riddle, Donald (NCBI Bookshelf)

Campbell's operative orthopaedics

Canale, S. T. (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Campbell-Walsh Urology

Wein, Alan (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Cancer and its management

Tobias, Jeffrey (R2 Digital Library)

Cancer medicine 6

Kufe, Donald (NCBI Bookshelf)

Cardiac anesthesia and transesophageal echocardiography

Wasnick, John (AccessAnesthesiology)

Cardiac catheterization handbook

Kern, Morton (R2 Digital Library)

Cardiac nursing

Woods, Susan (R2 Digital Library)

Cardiac nursing

Moser, Debra (NursingConsult)

Cardiology explained

Ashley, Euan (NCBI Bookshelf)

Cardiovascular physiology

Pappano, Achilles (R2 Digital Library -- 1 concurrent user)

Casarett & Doull's essentials of toxicology

Klaasen, Curtis (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Cecil medicine

Goldman, Lee (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)


Cooper, Geoffrey (NCBI Bookshelf)

Characteristic TCM therapy for common diseases

Cheng, Zedong (Books@Ovid)

Chicago manual of style

University of Chicago Press (University of Chicago Press)

Citing medicine

Patrias, Karen (NCBI Bookshelf)

Clinical anesthesia


Barash, Paul (Books@Ovid -- Unlimited Access)

Clinical anesthesiology

Morgan, G. Edward 4th ed. (AccessAnesthesiology) ; for the 5th ed. see: Morgan & Mikhail's clinical anesthesiology

Clinical dermatology

Habif, Thomas (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Clinical dermatology

Habif, Thomas (NursingConsult) Link 2

Clinical ethics

Jonsen, Albert R. (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Clinical evidence

BMJ Publishing Group (BMJ Publishing)

Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NCBI Bookshelf)

Clinical infectious disease


Schlossberg, David (STAT!Ref -- 5 Concurrent Users)

Clinical manual and review of transesophageal echocardiography

Mathew, Joseph (AccessAnesthesiology)

Clinical medical-surgical nursing

George-Gay, Beverly (NursingConsult)

Clinical methods

Walker, H. Kenneth (NCBI Bookshelf)

Clinical orthopaedic rehabilitation

Brotzman, S. Brent (R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Clinician's handbook of natural medicine

Pizzorno, Joseph (NursingConsult)

Cognitive neurosciences


Gazzaniga, Michael (MIT CogNet)

Colorado hospital report card

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Connect to free full text at publisher site.)

Communication skills for pharmacists

Berger, Bruce (PharmacyLibrary)

Comparative genomics

Bergman, Nicholas (NCBI Bookshelf)

Comparative oncology

Baba, Alecsandru (NCBI Bookshelf)

Complementary & alternative therapies in nursing

Snyder, Mariah (Books@Ovid)

Complementary and alternative medicine for older adults

Mackenzie, Elizabeth (Books@Ovid)

Complementary medicine in clinical practice

Rakel, David (Books@Ovid)

Complete math review for the pharmacy technician

Hopkins, William (PharmacyLibrary)

Comprehensive gynecology

Katz, Vern (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Concepts in clinical pharmacokinetics


Spruill, William (STAT!Ref -- 5 Concurrent Users)

Conn's current therapy

Bope, Edward (R2 Digital Library -- 1 concurrent user)

Conn's current therapy (2014)

Bope, Edward (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Contemporary medical acupuncture

Jin, Guan-Yuan (Books@Ovid)

Core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing

Verklan, M. Terese (NursingConsult)

Core curriculum for pain management nursing

American Society of Pain Management Nurses (NursingConsult)

Critical care nursing

Urden, Linda (NursingConsult)

Critical care ultrasonography

Levitov, Alexander (AccessAnesthesiology)

Cummings otolaryngology

Flint, Paul (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Current clinical medicine

Cleveland Clinic (MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)

Current diagnosis & treatment cardiology

Crawford, Michael (R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Current diagnosis & treatment critical care

Bongard, Fred S. (R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Current diagnosis & treatment emergency medicine

Stone, C. Keith 6th ed., 2008 (R2 digital library)

Current diagnosis & treatment. Pediatrics

Hay, William 19th ed., 2009 (R2 digital library)

Current essentials: orthopedics

Skinner, Harry (R2 Digital Library -- One Concurrent User)

Current medical diagnosis and treatment

McPhee, Stephen 2010 ed. (R2 digital library)

Current practice guidelines in primary care

Gonzales, Ralph (AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)

Current procedures : surgery

Minter, Rebecca (AccessAnesthesiology)
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