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Michael Keyes: Stories & Seasons in Woodcut

Michael Keyes: Stories & Seasons in Woodcut

On Exhibit

July 1 to September 23, 2015
Gallery, Third Floor
Health Sciences Library

Opening Reception

August 7, 2015
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Reading Room, Third Floor
Health Sciences Library

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Michael Keyes -- Artist's website

Stories & Seasons: Woodcuts by Michael Keyes
Aurora Cultural Arts District, November-December 2014

Keyes’ Process:
Woodcut printmaking is the process of cutting a picture into a block of wood with a small knife and gouges. The block is then inked with a roller and black printers’ ink.  It can be printed by using a press, but is often printed by using a wooden spoon, or similar tool to rub the back of paper that is laid onto the inked block. It is in the category of relief printmaking, that is, printing the ink that is on the surface of a material (as opposed to an etching, where the ink is in the lines below the surface).  The advantage and challenge is making powerful pictures, using the stark black and white shapes made from the knife and gouge cuts and marks, and the grain characteristics of the surface of the wood. Read more

ILLUSTRATING MAN: Carving out a niche in metro art scene
Aurora Sentinel, Quincy Snowdon Staff Writer, November 20, 2014

“With little X-ACTO knives and gauges, I cut out the edges – cut this edge and gouge out, cut that edge and gouge out,” Keyes says of the medium he’s worked in for over 40 years. “Essentially, I’m working from black to a black-white balance.” Read more

Printmaker Mike Keyes Gets Back to Nature, Then Gets Serious about Woodprint
Westword, Jamie Siebrase, May 27, 2014

Family is important to Keyes, and it was his oldest son who brought the artist to Denver about two years ago. Keyes and his wife, both newly retired, were happy to move west to spend more time with their grandchildren. Another happy occurrence: "Actually, retirement has enabled me to get into art more full-time," says Keyes. He's a member of the Red Delicious Press, a printmaking co-op in Aurora, and has also started doing oil paints again at the Art Student League of Denver. Printmaking, though, is his forte. Read more


NanoNephron Dress

On exhibit: April to September 30, 2015
Location: Third Floor Landing by the elevators

NanoNephron dress on exhibit at the Health Sciences LibraryThe Health Sciences Library is hosting an exhibit that features a runway dress that was created based on research being done at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Descience Runway 2014 was an event organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in September 2014. The event paired science researchers and fashion designers to collaborate and create garments based on the researchers area of study.

Georgia Charkoftaki, PhD is a researcher at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She and pharmacy faculty member Melanie Joy, PhD were paired with designer Lilian Kong.

Dr. Charkoftaki’s research area is treatments for lupus nephritis, a disease of the kidneys. Ms. Kong learned about the work that Drs. Charkoftaki and Joy were performing and then she created a dress inspired by their research. The dress, named NanoNephron, represents the kidneys, aspects of lupus nephritis and the new treatment that Dr. Charkoftaki is investigating.

The NanoNephron dress and matching jewelry will be on display on the 3rd floor of the library through end of September 2015. There is also a poster describing the research and aspects of the dress in more detail.

Sixty-one teams participated in the runway fashion show. Even though NanoNephron did not win, Drs. Charkoftaki and Joy enjoyed the experience. Stop by the library to check out the dress and the process to create it! Library blog post

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CU Newsroom article: Our Research on the Runway: Skaggs School of Pharmacy stars at Descience 2014

NanoNephron dress: CU Newsroom's Our Research on the Runway  

9News video: Colorado pharmacy student wins with fashionable science

NanoNephron dress: 9News video  

School of Pharmacy's Pharmacy Perspectives: Research on the runway: Fusing science and fashion

Research on the Runway: Fusing Science and Fashion


Trepanation or Trepanning

Location: Second floor landing

Trepanation or trepanning, the surgery of opening the skull, may be one of the oldest surgeries that mankind has performed, and performed successfully.

Visit the Health Sciences Library’s second floor landing to view our newest exhibit, a selection of trepanation instruments.

Trepanation or trepanning

View these items and other artifacts online in our digital collection


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