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Adam, Andy

Grainger & Allison's diagnostic radiology

(MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)
Reif-Lehrer, Liane

Grant application writer's handbook

(R2 Digital Library -- One concurrent user)
Purnell, Larry

Guide to culturally competent health care

(STAT!Ref -- 2 Concurrent Users)
Daniels, Rick

Guide to laboratory and diagnostic tests

(STAT!Ref -- 10 Concurrent Users)
Silver, Larry B. (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Bhatt, Deepak L.

Guide to peripheral and cerebrovascular intervention

(NCBI Bookshelf)
American Academy of Pediatrics

Guidelines for perinatal care

(R2 Digital Library -- Purchased -- One Concurrent User)
Shannon, Michael

Haddad and Winchester's clinical management of poisoning and drug overdose

(MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)
Hadzic, Admir

Hadzic's peripheral nerve blocks and anatomy for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia

Chatburn, Robert L. (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Antony, Martin (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Ritschel, Wolfgang

Handbook of basic pharmacokinetics

Arbib, Michael

Handbook of brain theory and neural networks

(MIT CogNet)
Dobson, Keith (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Carmody, Kristin

Handbook of critical care and emergency ultrasound

Nelson, Charles

Handbook of developmental cognitive neuroscience

(MIT CogNet)
Kee, Joyce LeFever (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Cabeza, Roberto

Handbook of functional neuroimaging of cognition

(MIT CogNet)
Bickston, Stephen (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Danovitch, Gabriel (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Calvert, Gemma

Handbook of multisensory processes

(MIT CogNet)
Krinsky, Daniel L.

Handbook of non-prescription drugs

(PharmacyLibrary - Unlimited Access)
Stuart, Gail Wiscarz

Handbook of psychiatric nursing

Chatburn, Robert L. (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Bloodstein, Oliver (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Murray, Robert k.

Harper's illustrated biochemistry

(AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)
Johns Hopkins Hospital. Children's Medical and Surgical Center

Harriet Lane handbook

(MDConsult -- Unlimited Access)
Harrison, Tinsley

Harrison's online

(AccessPharmacy -- Unlimited Access)
Barnes, Leon (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)
Wolper, Lawrence (R2 Digital Library -- Discovery PDA)


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