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Essentials of pharmacology for health occupations Woodrow, Ruth. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Essentials of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Frontera, Walter Physical Med-Rehabilitation
Essentials of public health Turnock, Bernard J. Public Health-Epidemiology

Essentials of radiology

Mettler, Fred Imaging-Radiology
Essentials of terror medicine Shapira, Shmuel Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology
Essentials of the human brain Nolte, John. Biology-Anatomy-Physiology, Neurology-Neuroscience
Essentials of the U.S. health care system Shi, Leiyu. General-Miscellaneous Topics, Professional Aspects
Ethical decision making in nursing and health care Husted, James H. Nursing, Professional Aspects
Ethics in health administration Morrison, Eileen E. Professional Aspects
Ethics, jurisprudence, & practice management in dental hygiene Kimbrough-Walls, Vickie J. Dental-Oral, Professional Aspects

Eurekah bioscience database

Landes Bioscience Biology-Anatomy-Physiology
Evaluation and testing in nursing education Oermann, Marilyn Education-Training-Licensure, Nursing
Evaluation of health care quality in advanced practice nursing Hickey, Joanne V. Nursing

Evidence-based cardiology

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Cannon, Christopher Cardiovascular, Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice Boltz, Marie Evidence Based Medicine, Geriatrics-Aging, Nursing

Evidence-based nursing

DeCenso, Alba Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing

Evidence-based nursing care guidelines

Ackley, Betty Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Evidence-based practice of anesthesiology Fleisher, Lee Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based practice of critical care Deutschman, Clifford Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based teaching in nursing Cannon, Sharon Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing

EXAM MASTER (USMLE/Board Exam Prep Tool)

Exam Master Education-Training-Licensure
Expert guide to infectious diseases Tan, James Infectious-Communicable Disease

Expert Panel report 3: guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Allergy-Asthma
Family practice guidelines Cash, Jill Primary Care-Family Medicine
Fast facts for dementia care Miller, Carol A. Psychiatry-Psychology
Ferri's best test Ferri, Fred F. Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam, Imaging-Radiology

Ferri's clinical advisor

Ferri, Fred Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam

Ferri's clinical advisor

Ferri, Fred Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam
Ferri's practical guide Ferri, Fred Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam
Financial management for nurse managers Dunham-Taylor, Janne Nursing, Professional Aspects


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