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Complementary medicine in clinical practice

Rakel, David Alternative-Integrative

Complete math review for the pharmacy technician

Hopkins, William Pharmacology-Toxicology
Complete textbook of phlebotomy Hoeltke, Lynn B. Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam, Hematology-Transfusion

Comprehensive gynecology

Katz, Vern Obstetrics-Gynecology-Women's Health
Comprehensive systematic review for advanced nursing practice Holly, Cheryl. Nursing

Concepts in clinical pharmacokinetics


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Spruill, William Pharmacology-Toxicology
Concise histology Gartner, Leslie Biology-Anatomy-Physiology

Conn's current therapy

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Bope, Edward Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics

Conn's current therapy (2014)

Bope, Edward Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics
Contemporary diagnosis and management of allergic diseases and asthma Gern, James E. Allergy-Asthma

Contemporary medical acupuncture

Jin, Guan-Yuan Alternative-Integrative
Contemporary public health Holsinger, James W. Public Health-Epidemiology
Core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing Verklan, M. Terese Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Core curriculum for pain management nursing

American Society of Pain Management Nurses Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Nursing
Core Entrustable Professional Activities For Entering Residency Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure, Internal Medicine-General Medicine
Cottone's practical infection control in dentistry Molinari, John A. Dental-Oral
Counseling skills for speech-language pathologists and audiologists Flasher, Lydia V. Communication-Speech-Audiology
Critical care & emergency nursing Schumacher, Lori. Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology
Critical care handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital Bigatello, Luca Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology
Critical care medicine Marini, John J. Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Critical care nursing

Urden, Linda Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Nursing
Critical care secrets Parsons, Polly Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Critical care ultrasonography

Levitov, Alexander Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Imaging-Radiology
Critical thinking tactics for nurses Rubenfeld, M. Gaie. Nursing

Cummings otolaryngology

Flint, Paul Otolaryngology

Current clinical medicine

Cleveland Clinic Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics

Current diagnosis & treatment cardiology

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Crawford, Michael Cardiovascular

Current diagnosis & treatment critical care

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Bongard, Fred S. Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Current diagnosis & treatment emergency medicine

Stone, C. Keith Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Current diagnosis & treatment. Pediatrics

Hay, William Pediatrics-Neonatology