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Strategic planning for nurses Sare, Michele V. Nursing, Professional Aspects
Structural approaches in public health Sommer, Marni Public Health-Epidemiology
Surface Engineering and Technology for Biomedical Implants Oshida, Yoshiki Bioengineering
Surgical instruments Wells, Maryann M. Papanier Surgery

Surgical treatment

Holzheimer, R. Surgery

Swearingen's manual of medical-surgical nursing

Monahan, Frances Nursing


Bissonnette, Bruno Dictionaries-Codes-Classification, General-Miscellaneous Topics
Teaching medical professionalism Cruess, Richard Education-Training-Licensure, Professional Aspects

Textbook of endocrine physiology

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Kovacs, William Biology-Anatomy-Physiology, Endocrinology-Metabolism

Textbook of family medicine

Rakel, Robert Primary Care-Family Medicine
Textbook of natural medicine Pizzorno, Joseph Alternative-Integrative
Textbook of physical diagnosis Swartz, Mark H. Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam

Textbook of psychotherapeutic treatments

Gabbard, Glen Psychiatry-Psychology

Textbook of regional anesthesia and acute pain management

Hadzic, Admir Anesthesiology-Pain Management

Textbook of traumatic brain injury

Silver, Jonathan Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Neurology-Neuroscience
The Harriet Lane handbook Tschudy, Megan Pediatrics-Neonatology
The Rational Clinical Examination: Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis Simel, David L. Professional Aspects
Theoretical basis for nursing McEwen, Melanie Nursing
Theory and research for academic nurse educators Utley, Rose A. Education-Training-Licensure, Nursing

Thoracic anesthesia

Barbeito, Atilio Anesthesiology-Pain Management
Transdisciplinary public health Haire-Joshu, Debra Public Health-Epidemiology
Transfusion medicine Eichbaum, Quentin G. Hematology-Transfusion
Transfusion microbiology Barbara, John Hematology-Transfusion, Infectious-Communicable Disease
Translation of evidence into nursing and health care practice White, Kathleen Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Transport phenomena in biomedical engineering Peattie, Robert A. Bioengineering


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Feliciano, David V. Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Trauma manual

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Peitzman, Andrew Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology
Trease and Evans pharmacognosy Evans, William Charles Pharmacology-Toxicology

Ulrich & Canale's nursing care planning guides

Haugen, Nancy Nursing

Understanding health policy

Bodenheimer, Thomas General-Miscellaneous Topics, Public Health-Epidemiology