Ebooks by Subject: Nursing

Author Title Notes
Moser, Debra

Cardiac nursing

George-Gay, Beverly

Clinical medical-surgical nursing

Snyder, Mariah

Complementary & alternative therapies in nursing

Verklan, M. Terese

Core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing

American Society of Pain Management Nurses

Core curriculum for pain management nursing

Urden, Linda

Critical care nursing

Deglin, Judith

Davis's drug guide for nurses

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Sommers, Marilyn Sawyer

Diseases and disorders: a nursing therapeutics manual

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Sullivan, Eleanor

Effective leadership and management in nursing

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DeCenso, Alba

Evidence-based nursing

Ackley, Betty

Evidence-based nursing care guidelines

Peate, Ian.

Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology for student nurses

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Meiner, Sue

Gerontologic nursing

Stuart, Gail Wiscarz

Handbook of psychiatric nursing

Hannah, Kathryn J.

Introduction to nursing informatics

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Lippincott's video series. Nursing procedures

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Lewis, Sharon

Medical-surgical nursing

Burke, Karen

Medical-surgical nursing care

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Thompson, June

Mosby's clinical nursing

Newton, Susan

Mosby's oncology nursing advisor

Betz, Cecily Lynn

Mosby's pediatric nursing reference

Barker, Ellen M.

Neuroscience nursing

Webb, Sean

Nursing herbal medicine handbook

Bulechek, Gloria

Nursing interventions classification (NIC)

Moorhead, Sue

Nursing outcomes classification (NOC)

Langhorne, Martha E.

Oncology nursing

Tucker, Susan

Patient care standards

Potts, Nicki

Pediatric nursing

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Perioperative standards and recommended practices

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Haas, Marilyn

Radiation therapy



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