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5-minute clinical consult

Domino, Frank J. Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Evidence Based Medicine

Clinical evidence

BMJ Publishing Group Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence-based cardiology

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Cannon, Christopher Cardiovascular, Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice Boltz, Marie Evidence Based Medicine, Geriatrics-Aging, Nursing

Evidence-based nursing

DeCenso, Alba Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing

Evidence-based nursing care guidelines

Ackley, Betty Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Evidence-based practice of critical care Deutschman, Clifford Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based teaching in nursing Cannon, Sharon Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Health behavior change and treatment adherence Martin, Leslie Evidence Based Medicine, Patient Safety-Quality Assurance
How to read a paper Greenhalgh, Trisha Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Statistical Methods-Research Design
Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice Dearholt, Sandra Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Translation of evidence into nursing and health care practice White, Kathleen Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing