Database by Subject: Consumer Health Information

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Consumer Health Complete

Consumer-oriented health content covering all areas of health and wellness including aging, cancer, diabetes, drugs and alcohol, fitness, nutrition and dietetics, children's health, men and women's health, holistic and integrated medicine, etc.

Genetics Home Reference

free/open access resource

MasterFILE Premier

Multidisciplinary general reference database.


free/open access resource

Micromedex Healthcare Series

Micromedex® includes, CareNotes®, DRUGDEX®, DRUG-REAX®, IDENTIDEX®, IV INDEX®, Index Nominum, Martindale, NeoFax®, PDR®, POISINDEX®, REPRORISK®, USP DI®, DISEASEDEX®, TOMES®, Lab Advisor®, and Alternative Medicine databases.
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