Library Accounts and Off Campus Access

EZproxy for Off Campus Access

The library has two different authentication systems.  EZproxy is used for off campus access to online resources. Use your PassportID  username and password to log in just as you do on the UCDAccess Portal. Exceptions: If you are a University of Colorado Hospital employee, VCF program, retired Anschutz faculty, or CU Anschutz Faculty paid by affiliate, use your ID number as outlined below.

Institutional ID Numbers (aka My Library Account)

If checking out books or other physical materials, renewing those materials, or ordering materials through Prospector, use your institutional ID number and your last name to log in. Your institutional ID number is your student ID number if you're a student. If you are a faculty or staff person, your institutional ID number is your employee ID number.

CU Anschutz Students

Forgot your 9-digit student ID number? Use UCDAccess  to find it.

CU Anschutz Faculty & Staff

Don't know your employee ID number? If you have a University email address, you can lookup your employee ID via UCDAccess .  Once logged in, to find your 6-digit employee ID number, please refer to your timesheet, paycheck stub, or ask your supervisor to look up your number in PeopleSoft.

UCH Staff

To find your 5-digit employee ID number, please refer to your ID badge or UCH Human Resources. UCH employee IDs will always be preceded by the letter "H" in the library system, as in H20123.

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with your library access, please call the Health Sciences Library Circulation Department at 303-724-2152.

Institutional IDs are automatically inserted into the library system at certain intervals. Once you know your number, you can test whether you're in the system by logging in here. If you are unable to log in, give us a call at 303-724-2152.

If you have questions about this change and/or Health Sciences Library access policies, please contact Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services, at 303-724-2139 or