HSL Rapid Retrieval Service & Campus Book Delivery

General Information:

The Library provides a fast, convenient retrieval service to pull and hold requested items from the circulating local collection at HSL. Simply find the record of the book you need in IMPULSE, the Health Sciences Library’s online catalog, and place a hold on it for pickup at the Library’s customer service desk on the first floor.

  • This service is available to anyone with a valid HSL library account.
  • All circulating material in our collection may be requested.
  • Items will be held for ten days from the date they are placed on the hold shelf.
  • All material requested from PASCAL, the Library’s off-site storage facility, has a delivery time of at least 24 hours.
  • If you need an item from our regular book stacks that is currently checked out, you may request it and your name will be added to the hold list, but the book will not be immediately available for use.
  • Regular borrowing guidelines apply.

To Request a Book:

  1. Go to IMPULSE, HSL’s online library catalog (http://impulse.ucdenver.edu/), and do a title or author search for the item you need.
  2. Once you’ve located the catalog record for your book, click on “Request” near the top of the page. A screen will appear asking for your name and institutional ID number (most often, this is your student or employee ID number). Enter this information, choose “HSL Service Desk @ Anschutz” as your pickup location, and click “Submit”.
  3. On the following page, click “Request Selected Item”. A new screen will appear, confirming that your request has been successfully completed.

That’s all there is to it! You will receive an email notification when your items are ready for pickup. To check on the status of a requested item, check your account online, or call the Library at (303)724-2152. Items that are ready may be picked up at HSL’s customer service desk.

To Check the Status of a Request:

  1. From the HSL home page, go to “My Library Account”.
  2. Enter your name and institutional ID number.
  3. Click on “Requests”, and on the following page, look at the list of requested items. Any material which has been pulled and is on the hold shelf will show a status of “Ready. Must pick up by --/--/13.”
  4. Click “LogOut” to exit your account.

To Cancel a Request:

  1. From the HSL home page, go to “My Library Account”.
  2. Enter your name and institutional ID number.
  3. Click on “Requests”, and on the following page, check off the item(s) you wish to cancel.
  4. Click “Cancel Selected” to cancel the checked-off items, or choose “Cancel All” to clear all requests.
  5. Click “LogOut” to exit your library account


You may not be permitted to request an item for the following reasons:

  • You do not have a valid HSL library account.
  • Your account has been blocked because of overdue or lost books, or fines in excess of $10.00.
  • The material you are trying to request is non-circulating; this includes all reference and reserve items, as well as books in HSL's information commons and rare books area.
  • The Access Circulation Department's borrowing guidelines apply.

Campus Delivery of Library Materials

Campus delivery of books and other library materials is a new service offered to faculty and staff with an Anschutz Medical Campus mailbox. This is in a testing phase and the service will evolve and change as we learn more about how our customers use it.

  • By choosing the campus delivery option, you accept responsibility for lost or damaged materials.
  • Library staff reserves the option to notify you if an item is deemed too large to be sent through campus mail.
  • Library staff can reserve the right to hold material to combine shipments for regular, heavy-use patrons.
  • To change delivery option to a pickup option or vice versa, you may either cancel the hold and re-request the item, or call the Customer Service Desk at (303)724-2152 for assistance.
  • Please send the materials back in the packaging they arrived in, if at all possible. There is an address card enclosed with these library materials. Grace and loan periods will be extended to allow time to send out and return materials.

You may renew your materials by clicking on "My Library Account" on the library's web page or using the following URL: https://impulse.ucdenver.edu/patroninfo/.

If there are any problems with this service or you have questions, please call the Customer Service Desk at the number above or email the library at: circ.library@ucdenver.edu.