Artifacts currently available from the Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library has a small medical artifacts collection, consisting of a wide range of objects, dating from the 19th century. The artifacts collection is available for research by appointment only. Please contact Paul Andrews (303.724.2113) in Collection Development. A small collection of medical artifacts can be made available for institutional loans -- see Loan Policy for Museums and Historical Societies

Listed by Object Number

Object No Name Manufacturer Year
DN04-000002 Electrical Stimulation Equipment McIntosh 1990.
DN04-00003 Optomology case N/A 1900-1920.
DN04-00004 Collection of Chinese medicine N/A N/A.
DM-00005 Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope AO 1950-1960.
DM-00006 Portable EKG machine Hawksley 1940-1950.
DM-00007 Waring slides N/A N/A.
DM-00008 Medicine kit CC Cochrane C1900.
DM-00009 Nickel plated copper sterilizer N/A 1900-1920.
DM-00010 Surgical kit Tiemann 1860.
DM-00011 Centrifuge Creamery Package Manufacturing Co 1850-1900.
DM-00012 Centrifuge Faul Altmann 1850-1880.
DM-00013 Transformer tube Macalaster Widd 1913.
DM-00014 Microscope (?) Steindorff & Co 1940-1960.
DM-00015 Microscope Bausch & Lomb 1909.
DM-00016 Stethoscope Becton Dickinson 1950-1960.
DM-00017 Aspirating syringes N/A 1940-1960.
DM-00018 Urethral dilator N/A 1920-1950.
DM-00019 Cautery and diagnostic case Amos M Cato 1931.
DM-00020 Cytoscope Louis & H Lowenstein 1900.
DM-00021 Pharmacist scale N/A 1900-1910.
DM-00022 Five current Faradic battery (No 14) Chloride of Silver Dry Battery Cell Battery Co 1900-1920.
DM-00023 Small amputation kit G Teimann 1860-1900.
DM-00024 LaMotte hydrogen ion testing set (model 3B) LaMotte Chemical Products 1920-1950.
DM-000025 Copper sterilizer N/A 1900.
DM-000026 Vacuum chamber N/A 1950.
DM-000027 Acidometer Abbot Alkaloidal Co 1900-1920.
DM-000028 Incubation apparatus N/A 1910-1920.
DM-000029 Centrifuge apparatus Baush & Lomb 1900-1940.
DM-000030 Electric therapy instrument N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000031 Stereoscope HC White 1910-1920.
DM-000032 Electric bone saw set Roger Starks 1940-1960.
DM-000033 Doctor's bag N/A 1950-1970.
DM-000034 Photo voltometer Photovolt Corporation 1910-1930.
DM-000035 Lilly's collection of crude drugs Lilley 1900-1920.
DM-000036 Mercer Sphygmomanometer Kuhlman & Co 1910-1920.
DM-000037 Optometry test lens box N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000038 Trephine set Owen 1850-1870.
DM-000039 Jar of Nu gauze strips Johnson & Johnson 1930-1950.
DM-000040 Surgical and dental instruments Godman & Shurtleff 1870-1900.
DM-000041 Surgical kit KG Kern 1860-1880.
DM-000042 Vial wallet N/A 1920-1940.
DM-000043 Hypodermic kit US Medical Depatment 1940-1950.
DM-000044 Medicine case N/A 1900-1930.
Dm-000045 Medicine kit N/A 1910-1930.
DM-000046 German first aid kit KL Tropen 1950.
DM-000047 Combined Acme dialator and intra uterine syringe Dr Molesworth's 1900-1930.
DM-000048 Homæopathic medicine kit Smiths Homæopathic Pharmacy 1900-1920.
DM-000049 Surgical kit for the mouth and throat Tiemann 1870-1920.
DM-000050 Scales N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000051 Auroscope Mager and Maltzer 1900-1920.
DM-000052 Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy & Co 1920-1940.
DM-000053 Homæopathic medicine case Smiths 1891.
DM-000054 Aspirator- Potain N/A 1900-1920.
DM-000055 Sahli Haemometer Tip-Top 1950-1960.
DM-000056 Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy 1900-1920.
DM-000057 Glass suction cups kit N/A 1900-192.
DM-000058 Car grill plate N/A 1950-1980.
DM-000059 Lorgnette eye glasses N/A 1900-1950.
DM-000060 Modified Morton Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy & Co 1920-1940.
DM-000061 Loring Ophthalmoscope Hunter 1890-1910.
DM-000062 Beaumont Bust N/A 1890-1910.
DM-000063 Electric Cautery (?) N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000064 Cupping glass N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000065 Cupping glass N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000066 Spring Lancet Otto & Reynders 1890-1910.
DM-000067 Twelve blade scarificator N/A 1830-1860.
DM-000068 Pocket surgical kit Horation G Kern 1860-1880.
DM-000069 Small medicine kit N/A 1860-1900.
DM-000070 International Gynecological Congress Medal N/A 1910.
DM-000071 Denver Clin & Path Soc Senior Fellow medal N/A 1923.
DM-000072 Britsh Congress on Tuberculosis badge N/A 1901.
DM-000073 Internation Congress of Medicine medal N/A 1913.
DM-000074 San Francisco CMS pin Shreve & Co 1894.
DM-000075 Lapel Pin N/A 1941.
DM-000076 Lapel badge N/A 1898.
DM-000077 Lapel pin N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000078 Lapel badge Shreve & Co 1894.
DM-000079 Lapel badge N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000080 Lapel badge Bidechimer 1950.
DM-000081 Fraternity key N/A 1930.
DM-000082 Plaque N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000083 Plaque N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000084 Jackson Proptometer n/a 1920-1950.
DM-000085 Sphygmometer Chas E Dressler 1920-1940.
DM-00086 DeVilbiss No 15 DeVilbiss Co 1930-1950.
DM-00087 Ophthalmoscope F Fritsch 1880-1920.
DM-00088 Brush N/A 1870-1900.
DM-00089 Baumscheidt's Lebenswecker N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00090 Lancet R EFST 1850-1880.
DM-00091 Uterine knife? Gemrig 1850-1890.
DM-00092 Scarifier Godman & Shurtleff 1866.
DM-00093 Folding vectus or tongue depressor? Shepard & Dudley 1860-1890.
DM-00094 Scaler S & C 1860-1890.
DM-00095 Thomas spoon saw Tiemann & Co 1860-1890.
DM-00096 Skull saw N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00097 Trephine blade N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00098 Thermometer and case Eisele 1950-1970.
DM-00099 Thermometer with case Taylor Instrument Company 1930-1960.
DM-00100 Scalpel N/A 1860-1900.
DM-00101 Baumscheidt's Lebenswecker N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00102 Needle holder J Reynbers 1860-1890.
DM-00103 Needle holder Caswell Hazard Co 1860-1890.
DM-00104 Lancet N/A 1850-1870.
DM-00105 Scarifier Tiemanns 1846.
DM-00106 Urethrotomy Staff? N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00107 probe A L Hernstein & Co 1850-1870.
DM-00108 Murphy's Anastomosus button set N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00109 Dental mirror N/A 1870-1920.
DM-00110 Articulator Hayes 1850-1870.
DM-00111 Syringe Goodyear 1930-1950.
DM-00112 Denver Mud DEM 1930-1950.
DM-00113 Set of electro-therapy universal handles N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00114 Otoscope N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00115 Reflective head band N/A 1860-1900.
DM-00116 Reflective head band National Electric Instrument Co 1940-1960.
DM-00117 Electric head lamp Remco 1920-1950.
DM-00118 Electric head lamp Bryant 1950-1970.
DM-00119 Electric Ophthalmoscope E Meyrowitz 1920-1930.
DM-00120 Electric bone saw N/A 1917.
DM-00121 Sphygmograph (?) N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00122 Box of medical personal accessories N/A 1950-1970.
DM-00123 Craniotomy forceps N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00124 Portable alcohol lamp Schick Products 1940-1960.
DM-00125 Burner platform N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00126 Alcohol lamp N/A 1930-1960.
DM-00127 Alcohol lamp N/A 1930-1950.
DM-00128 Sleeping pill joke N/A 1950-1970.
DM-00129 Meerschaum cigar holder N/A 1930-1960.
DM-00130 Pewter goblet Middleton Plate Co 1976.
DM-00131 Sphygmomanometer cuff Erka 1950-1970.
DM-00132 Brass stethoscope ear piece Codman and Shurtleff 1880-1900.
DM-00133 Nasal inhalant bottle N/A 1890-1920.
DM-00134 Medicine bottle N/A 1880-1900.
DM-00135 Medicine bottle N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00136 Pilling Stethoscope GP Pilling & Sons 1910-1940.
DM-00137 Sphygmomanometer Taylor 1920-1940.
DM-00138 Stethoscope Medics Inst corp 1940-1960.
DM-00139 Alcohol lamp N/A 1890-1930.
DM-00140 Bronze medallion Medallic Art Co 1965.
DM-00141 Jenks's short forceps Tiemann 1880-1900.
DM-00142 Simpson's forceps Tiemann 1880-1900.
DM-00143 Elliott's forceps Goulding and Ford 1880-1900.
DM-00144 Dressing tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00145 Dressing tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00146 Instrument tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00147 Waste bucket Castle 1880-1930.
DM-00148 Waste bucket N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00149 Electric main switch National 1920-1950.
DM-00150 Electric main switch Thordarson 1930-1950.
DM-00151 Super Marvel Violet Ray Eastern Laboratories 1920-1930.
DM-00152 Replica of Sitting Bull's Pipe Van Bringle 1959.
DM-00153 Stethoscope tube N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00154 Bronze statue of I-m-hotep N/A 1938.
DM-00155 Statue of I-M-hotep N/A 1920-1950.
DM-00156 Strip cutter? N/A 1900-1960.
DM-00157 Counting slide Arthur H Thomas 1930-1960.
DM-00158 Haemacytometer Spencer 1930-1960.
DM-00159 Two prong retractor? N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00160 Keratome (?) N/A 1880-1900.
DM-00161 Probe (?) N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00162 Adjustable brush (?) N/A 1900-1930.
DM-00163 Phonedoscope (?) Berbert 1920-1950.
DM-00164 Unknown N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00165 Unknown N/A 1880-1900.