Artifacts Currently Available from the Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library has a small medical artifacts collection, consisting of a wide range of objects, dating from the 19th century. The artifacts collection is available for research by appointment only. Please contact Paul Andrews (303.724.2113) in Collection Development. 

Listed by Object Number

Object No Name Manufacturer Year
DN04-000002 Electrical Stimulation Equipment McIntosh 1990.
DN04-00003 Optomology case N/A 1900-1920.
DN04-00004 Collection of Chinese medicine N/A N/A.
DM-00005 Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope AO 1950-1960.
DM-00006 Portable EKG machine Hawksley 1940-1950.
DM-00007 Waring slides N/A N/A.
DM-00008 Medicine kit CC Cochrane C1900.
DM-00009 Nickel plated copper sterilizer N/A 1900-1920.
DM-00010 Surgical kit Tiemann 1860.
DM-00011 Centrifuge Creamery Package Manufacturing Co 1850-1900.
DM-00012 Centrifuge Faul Altmann 1850-1880.
DM-00013 Transformer tube Macalaster Widd 1913.
DM-00014 Microscope (?) Steindorff & Co 1940-1960.
DM-00015 Microscope Bausch & Lomb 1909.
DM-00016 Stethoscope Becton Dickinson 1950-1960.
DM-00017 Aspirating syringes N/A 1940-1960.
DM-00018 Urethral dilator N/A 1920-1950.
DM-00019 Cautery and diagnostic case Amos M Cato 1931.
DM-00020 Cytoscope Louis & H Lowenstein 1900.
DM-00021 Pharmacist scale N/A 1900-1910.
DM-00022 Five current Faradic battery (No 14) Chloride of Silver Dry Battery Cell Battery Co 1900-1920.
DM-00023 Small amputation kit G Teimann 1860-1900.
DM-00024 LaMotte hydrogen ion testing set (model 3B) LaMotte Chemical Products 1920-1950.
DM-000025 Copper sterilizer N/A 1900.
DM-000026 Vacuum chamber N/A 1950.
DM-000027 Acidometer Abbot Alkaloidal Co 1900-1920.
DM-000028 Incubation apparatus N/A 1910-1920.
DM-000029 Centrifuge apparatus Baush & Lomb 1900-1940.
DM-000030 Electric therapy instrument N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000031 Stereoscope HC White 1910-1920.
DM-000032 Electric bone saw set Roger Starks 1940-1960.
DM-000033 Doctor's bag N/A 1950-1970.
DM-000034 Photo voltometer Photovolt Corporation 1910-1930.
DM-000035 Lilly's collection of crude drugs Lilley 1900-1920.
DM-000036 Mercer Sphygmomanometer Kuhlman & Co 1910-1920.
DM-000037 Optometry test lens box N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000038 Trephine set Owen 1850-1870.
DM-000039 Jar of Nu gauze strips Johnson & Johnson 1930-1950.
DM-000040 Surgical and dental instruments Godman & Shurtleff 1870-1900.
DM-000041 Surgical kit KG Kern 1860-1880.
DM-000042 Vial wallet N/A 1920-1940.
DM-000043 Hypodermic kit US Medical Depatment 1940-1950.
DM-000044 Medicine case N/A 1900-1930.
Dm-000045 Medicine kit N/A 1910-1930.
DM-000046 German first aid kit KL Tropen 1950.
DM-000047 Combined Acme dialator and intra uterine syringe Dr Molesworth's 1900-1930.
DM-000048 Homæopathic medicine kit Smiths Homæopathic Pharmacy 1900-1920.
DM-000049 Surgical kit for the mouth and throat Tiemann 1870-1920.
DM-000050 Scales N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000051 Auroscope Mager and Maltzer 1900-1920.
DM-000052 Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy & Co 1920-1940.
DM-000053 Homæopathic medicine case Smiths 1891.
DM-000054 Aspirator- Potain N/A 1900-1920.
DM-000055 Sahli Haemometer Tip-Top 1950-1960.
DM-000056 Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy 1900-1920.
DM-000057 Glass suction cups kit N/A 1900-192.
DM-000058 Car grill plate N/A 1950-1980.
DM-000059 Lorgnette eye glasses N/A 1900-1950.
DM-000060 Modified Morton Ophthalmoscope FA Hardy & Co 1920-1940.
DM-000061 Loring Ophthalmoscope Hunter 1890-1910.
DM-000062 Beaumont Bust N/A 1890-1910.
DM-000063 Electric Cautery (?) N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000064 Cupping glass N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000065 Cupping glass N/A 1850-1900.
DM-000066 Spring Lancet Otto & Reynders 1890-1910.
DM-000067 Twelve blade scarificator N/A 1830-1860.
DM-000068 Pocket surgical kit Horation G Kern 1860-1880.
DM-000069 Small medicine kit N/A 1860-1900.
DM-000070 International Gynecological Congress Medal N/A 1910.
DM-000071 Denver Clin & Path Soc Senior Fellow medal N/A 1923.
DM-000072 Britsh Congress on Tuberculosis badge N/A 1901.
DM-000073 Internation Congress of Medicine medal N/A 1913.
DM-000074 San Francisco CMS pin Shreve & Co 1894.
DM-000075 Lapel Pin N/A 1941.
DM-000076 Lapel badge N/A 1898.
DM-000077 Lapel pin N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000078 Lapel badge Shreve & Co 1894.
DM-000079 Lapel badge N/A 1900-1930.
DM-000080 Lapel badge Bidechimer 1950.
DM-000081 Fraternity key N/A 1930.
DM-000082 Plaque N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000083 Plaque N/A 1930-1960.
DM-000084 Jackson Proptometer n/a 1920-1950.
DM-000085 Sphygmometer Chas E Dressler 1920-1940.
DM-00086 DeVilbiss No 15 DeVilbiss Co 1930-1950.
DM-00087 Ophthalmoscope F Fritsch 1880-1920.
DM-00088 Brush N/A 1870-1900.
DM-00089 Baumscheidt's Lebenswecker N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00090 Lancet R EFST 1850-1880.
DM-00091 Uterine knife? Gemrig 1850-1890.
DM-00092 Scarifier Godman & Shurtleff 1866.
DM-00093 Folding vectus or tongue depressor? Shepard & Dudley 1860-1890.
DM-00094 Scaler S & C 1860-1890.
DM-00095 Thomas spoon saw Tiemann & Co 1860-1890.
DM-00096 Skull saw N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00097 Trephine blade N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00098 Thermometer and case Eisele 1950-1970.
DM-00099 Thermometer with case Taylor Instrument Company 1930-1960.
DM-00100 Scalpel N/A 1860-1900.
DM-00101 Baumscheidt's Lebenswecker N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00102 Needle holder J Reynbers 1860-1890.
DM-00103 Needle holder Caswell Hazard Co 1860-1890.
DM-00104 Lancet N/A 1850-1870.
DM-00105 Scarifier Tiemanns 1846.
DM-00106 Urethrotomy Staff? N/A 1870-1890.
DM-00107 probe A L Hernstein & Co 1850-1870.
DM-00108 Murphy's Anastomosus button set N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00109 Dental mirror N/A 1870-1920.
DM-00110 Articulator Hayes 1850-1870.
DM-00111 Syringe Goodyear 1930-1950.
DM-00112 Denver Mud DEM 1930-1950.
DM-00113 Set of electro-therapy universal handles N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00114 Otoscope N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00115 Reflective head band N/A 1860-1900.
DM-00116 Reflective head band National Electric Instrument Co 1940-1960.
DM-00117 Electric head lamp Remco 1920-1950.
DM-00118 Electric head lamp Bryant 1950-1970.
DM-00119 Electric Ophthalmoscope E Meyrowitz 1920-1930.
DM-00120 Electric bone saw N/A 1917.
DM-00121 Sphygmograph (?) N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00122 Box of medical personal accessories N/A 1950-1970.
DM-00123 Craniotomy forceps N/A 1880-1910.
DM-00124 Portable alcohol lamp Schick Products 1940-1960.
DM-00125 Burner platform N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00126 Alcohol lamp N/A 1930-1960.
DM-00127 Alcohol lamp N/A 1930-1950.
DM-00128 Sleeping pill joke N/A 1950-1970.
DM-00129 Meerschaum cigar holder N/A 1930-1960.
DM-00130 Pewter goblet Middleton Plate Co 1976.
DM-00131 Sphygmomanometer cuff Erka 1950-1970.
DM-00132 Brass stethoscope ear piece Codman and Shurtleff 1880-1900.
DM-00133 Nasal inhalant bottle N/A 1890-1920.
DM-00134 Medicine bottle N/A 1880-1900.
DM-00135 Medicine bottle N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00136 Pilling Stethoscope GP Pilling & Sons 1910-1940.
DM-00137 Sphygmomanometer Taylor 1920-1940.
DM-00138 Stethoscope Medics Inst corp 1940-1960.
DM-00139 Alcohol lamp N/A 1890-1930.
DM-00140 Bronze medallion Medallic Art Co 1965.
DM-00141 Jenks's short forceps Tiemann 1880-1900.
DM-00142 Simpson's forceps Tiemann 1880-1900.
DM-00143 Elliott's forceps Goulding and Ford 1880-1900.
DM-00144 Dressing tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00145 Dressing tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00146 Instrument tray N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00147 Waste bucket Castle 1880-1930.
DM-00148 Waste bucket N/A 1880-1930.
DM-00149 Electric main switch National 1920-1950.
DM-00150 Electric main switch Thordarson 1930-1950.
DM-00151 Super Marvel Violet Ray Eastern Laboratories 1920-1930.
DM-00152 Replica of Sitting Bull's Pipe Van Bringle 1959.
DM-00153 Stethoscope tube N/A 1860-1890.
DM-00154 Bronze statue of I-m-hotep N/A 1938.
DM-00155 Statue of I-M-hotep N/A 1920-1950.
DM-00156 Strip cutter? N/A 1900-1960.
DM-00157 Counting slide Arthur H Thomas 1930-1960.
DM-00158 Haemacytometer Spencer 1930-1960.
DM-00159 Two prong retractor? N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00160 Keratome (?) N/A 1880-1900.
DM-00161 Probe (?) N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00162 Adjustable brush (?) N/A 1900-1930.
DM-00163 Phonedoscope (?) Berbert 1920-1950.
DM-00164 Unknown N/A 1880-1920.
DM-00165 Unknown N/A 1880-1900.


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